Comic Review: Something is Killing the Children Vol.1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios releases a horror comic about a monster lurking in town who likes to kill the children in Something is Killing the Children the graphic novel on its first […]

BOOM! Studios releases a horror comic about a monster lurking in town who likes to kill the children in Something is Killing the Children the graphic novel on its first volume.

So, there exists a comic that actually is killing the children, and that is too sadistic, to begin with. I like kids, but seeing the adults treating them like trash or worse just makes me really angry about it, I suppose I would call it bad parenting or maniacs, I wouldn’t say that to parents, because their disappearance and deaths are a mystery. The story was written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Werther Dell’edera, and the two horror duos worked together to make a horror story that would actually make the readers more interesting than watching some horror movie.

The front cover shows one of the characters who looked like Harley Quinn, and apparently she’s holding a knife which is drenched with blood from the monsters or children. And she wears the mask as if she caught the Corona Virus hahaha, just kidding, she wears an awesome monster mask to know how terrifying she is. So the story is just another scary story for children as if you’d already know, but it’s the monsters that the children are afraid of. When the children of a sleeping town of Archer’s Peak, begin to go missing for some mysterious reason. Even though there are stories that go out of the forest is very dangerous to go at night, even though, these comics has some strange vibes just as playing the game of slender man, however, the story focuses on a monster. The story starts when the main character is seeing things because he actually saw what happened to the children but he can’t remember why there are some visions where the children are taken and killed instantly by a monster in the forest. Then the next day, he met a mysterious who came to town to find that monster and kill it. Either way, the boy got issues or does he believe all of that? I don’t know but there’s more to that town than meets the eye because the monster is possibly a threat to the town and humankind. How will they survive?

The story is quite horrifying, way more horrifying than reading the story of Farmhand from Image comics, but this one is way more different rather than reading any other Goosebumps stories from your childhood. Plus the fact about this comic defines something that is happening to the children whenever they went missing. The atmosphere creates a distortion around the comic of how the rumor actually exists about a monster killing the children, even so, that stranger is the only hope in that town. The art is more complex, even for that the action comes with the characters interacting with how scared they were, and how one of the characters fights against that monster. This is more than watching a detective show, but it’s fascinating for the readers to know about how horrifying the story is. If you rather want to reading something horrifying and gore, then this is for you.

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