Comic Review: Lumberjanes Campfire Songs (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios release a special edition of Lumberjanes this year, and supposedly this would be the campfire songs edition of the comic. Yeah, It’s been a while since I last […]

BOOM! Studios release a special edition of Lumberjanes this year, and supposedly this would be the campfire songs edition of the comic.

Yeah, It’s been a while since I last reviewed a Lumberjanes comic, but this is almost going over and over again with the campfire song song from Spongebob in double speed. So basically this is a filler comic, much more like the other filler comics that I’ve read, but this is like the summer camp edition of the campfire song version. The comic’s story and art is actually created by some various writers and artists whose familiar and a fan of the series, which is not much to say, but it was originally created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, and Brooklyn Allen.

The front cover is illustrated by Kris Anka, and it shows some of the campers are hanging out in a dark forest with its campfire on, while Ripley is going apeshit for scaring her friends by imitating a bigfoot or something. Everyone seemed to have a great time, however, Molley is looking on the other side focused on something as she heard a ghost around. It would have been nice to set a campfire around.

Fun fact; unlike every other graphic novel that you’ve read, the first few pages there’s a field manual included on this book, as if every camp manager receives one for every camper around, one of the girls start writing off as “Camp for Hardcore Lady-Type” like they know what’s going on. There’s a message along with the Lumberjanes camp about the rules and having everyone to have a good time in summer camping, and it even includes the pledge of allegiance of the Lumberjanes camp, and the funny part is the girls added “Then there’s a line about god, or whatever” which makes the camp look so silly if every deity or supernatural creatures even exist in this world. And the comic is actually came from a person named Kelsey Pate who gave the Lumberjanes their name, which has something to do with the series because every other comic of the series mentions her. Does it really have something to do with the series? I wish I should get the full story of how the creators came up with every title of the comic which seems to make sense to the creator and the readers.

The story starts when the female campers are starting to decorating some kind of festival which is “Midsummer’s Eve Masquerade”, more like a magical party from middle earth or something. Jo, out there is minding her own business working on the lights until an explosion came off at the Roanoke’s cottage which seems the other girls are covered by purple dust and sparkles, and they seem to be decorating inside which is more of an experiment. Everyone is working on their decorations for tonight, right until some glowing ball is taking their decorations away from them. They found out some fairies are stealing the decorations, one of the fairies named Puck said that he was borrowing half of the decorations. I’m only going to say this once, but BERSERK REFERENCES? REALLY? And not just some glowing balls from Power Rangers, but really comic? Puck is actually a pixie elf who goes alongside with Guts to take him to the land of the elves along with Casca and the party. But I never knew that Puck is actually wearing girly clothes because, on the manga, Puck is naked, and sometimes he changes shape as a comic relief character. Sorry, back to the story, so Puck took the girls where the other fairies have their decorations and they seem that they’re trying to throw a party and they’re having a hard time choosing a theme. And everything seemed to work out because Molly talks out to solve their problems. There are some other stories that every fan would like to read, like how the girls traveled under the pond to discover a secret passageway on the bottom of the pond which is an icy world. Ripley is echoing that she’s bored on a rainy day, which nobody notices that there’s a monster on top of the cabin. Apparently, Bubbles was watching over the muddy kittens around the bush. And later they found some strange exotic animals and creatures living in the forest. Well, there are some other stories filled with adventures, so there’s so much to read if you’re feeling excited.

The fact that this comic is filled with so many adventures and friendships is that none of the other comics can be more emotional than this one. The story is very emotional that every camper needs to stick to the other campers as friends and comrades. So yeah, there nothing else to say, except there are some hidden cameos from the comic so see if you can spot something familiar and use your head to know where it came from. If you rather want to read another Lumberjanes comic about their adventures during summertime events, then this is for you.

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