Comic Review: Batman: Three Jokers #1 (DC Comics)

DC Comics releases an overrated Batman comic that leaves you with frights and laughs in Batman: Three Jokers, Book One. So, this comic is more likely than the Batman Who […]

DC Comics releases an overrated Batman comic that leaves you with frights and laughs in Batman: Three Jokers, Book One.

So, this comic is more likely than the Batman Who Laughs spin-off comics. So, DC Comics pulled out an Image Mature only style comic that makes you think you want to read more because of the fan base. This comic is written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jason Fabok, and to him, Jason’s art is meant to the memory of his grandfather, George Weniger which he died a year ago. And Geoff Johns is a veteran American comic writer who served as the President and CCO of DC Entertainment, right until he stepped down the industry 2 years ago and opened up a production company which is Mad Ghost Productions to focus on writing and producing everything that is based on DC properties.

The front cover shows a portrait of The Joker, holding a bloody crowbar while he’s staring at you menacingly with a creepy smile. If this kind of cover would show as the poster of the Joker movie, then kids would be terrified, or one of the game covers of Return of the Joker on the NES. The typography of the title of green Three Jokers is interesting, first off, someone design to make the T look so rusty and the font of “Jokers added as an English font which makes you think that you want to be toxic on that one. So, from the start of the comic, it starts off with Bruce Wayne taking off his Batman suit and every side of his body is covered with some number of scars that left from his past enemies. And then he started having flashbacks of the enemies who fought and scarred him while Alfred is stitching him and then he gets a flashback of the horrible memory where his parents got killed in front of him at the alley, classic Batman style. And then we have Barbara broke another record at her treadmill, and while she’s bathing, she gets a flashback of how the Joker shot her in the stomach. And Robin, gets the memory of him breaking his head with his crowbar while fighting some of the Joker’s henchmen at the graveyard, and sent his opponents to face down, and ended his turn. But that’s not the case of the story, the real thing is the GCPD and Batman and his team is now facing a crisis between the three Jokers look-alikes, and they’re unidentifiable. This is a turn of events to know every Gotham city Dark Knights are fighting and searching for the real Joker. And having more Jokers is like the cat has nine lives, who goes down and rises up again. So where’s the real Joker anyway?

The story is a turn of events that every other Batman series are facing an army of Jokers, but because of this comic, they’re facing off the Three Jokers at once. However, this comic is becoming more disturbing than the horde of Batman Who Laughs. Apparently, at the end of the comic, the Batman gang is fighting battled against Joker’s court jester and his goons, in an aquarium surrounded with the fishes who smile like the Joker. It’s disturbing, but that’s the idea if you put too much toxic waste on the fish. The artwork of this comic is just like any other DC Comic artist who draws this kind of style, then again I’ve haven’t read any other DC Comics, so I have some catching up to do. So Batman Three Jokers is a comic that makes you think that the Joker has three lives, at least it’s not THREE HOUSES, as the Dark Knights fight off to protect Gotham city.

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