Comic Review: Blue In Green (Image Comics)

Image Comics brings you a horror comic about a struggling jazz musician who is chasing around the ghosts of his past in Blue in Green the graphic novel. So if […]

Image Comics brings you a horror comic about a struggling jazz musician who is chasing around the ghosts of his past in Blue in Green the graphic novel.

So if there’s enough of a story about a guy who is struggling with his career around, then this is the story. As if feared there are a lot of stories that go between some struggling artists, like the one when someone warns a person about a fortune-teller who calls upon in the name of Satan and have the artist’s cursed in life, I’m not making it up, I just watched the anime series. But the comic title “Blue in Green” is like trying to mix the color palette just according to color theory. The story is written by RAM V and illustrated by ANAND RK. Great names, maybe they’ve been cursed or probably that’s what every creator dedicated to making their own name, there’s a biography right at the end of the book.

The front cover shows a disturbing illustration about a person who is trapped inside of a record or is it a reflection of the water and there are ripples around the water. The artist seems that he painted in an acrylic color form on digital media, this cover is more of contemporary art that he illustrated. I can see how this piece of art forms. But it also contains such a raw emotion behind this piece of art, whenever he drew a person’s face that is showing so much fear behind that reflection. Right under the cover, you could see the description of how the color of this piece is the finest since 1992, and on the top of the red text shows some shapes defining that it’s a trademark of how the creators just produced. So from the beginning following pages of the comic, I witnessed the art and it seems that someone who painted the following pages is no slacker and it was colored by John Pearson. For some reason whenever I turn the following pages, the color that he painted is almost seemed like he was using an oil painting on a canvas, but whenever comes with the comic, there are some color artists who paint like that. And it seems that whenever the artist draws a page, it almost seems that it looked incomplete, but depending on what you see because there are some rough sketches around the few pages. It shows how the thumbnails of the drawing show a lot of details just to draw the final piece, and then have the color artist painted over by using oil and watercolor painting, this is mostly turned out to be more contemporary art.

I’ll go over the story, so the story starts when a musician is minding his own business when an aspiring musician who is asking him for advice to improve playing his saxophone just in order to be successful, but then he has an excuse over an incoming phone call. But he actually heard that his mother died from natural death. So he returns home for his mother’s funeral, and under a few circumstances, he started to have some visions of his own childhood, much more likely nostalgia. He has seen ghosts but not like this when his mother died, her ghosts show up and haunt him. I would take this more likely to this story, but the whole plot takes back to the past from the 60s through the 70s to today. And it really involves some serious shit that is very unbelievable, to begin with. However, this story focuses on a musician whose mother just died recently and he is being haunted by his mother’s ghost of herself. The story ends when he was about to perform a concert to the audience, it takes such a serious method to have the pages to draw the character playing his saxophone while the panels show that everyone else is cheering while others are playing. After that, he came back to that house where his mother died, and he burned the whole place down to the ground.

The story is kind of eerie, not to mention that this story involves haunted houses, tentacles, and ghosts. It’s a mystery, but having a New York-themed comic about a struggling musician who has a hard time, but then after his mother died, a ghost appeared before him inside that house and then burned it down at the end of the story. It’s ironic, but kind of spooky. I already explained the art, so that’s out of the way, so Blue in Green graphic novel, is so eerie that you can spook your mom with some Jazz, if that’s worth collecting, then this is for you.

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