IDW Publishing releases a graphic novel about an ex-cop who became a comedian during his exile in Dying is Easy the graphic novel.

So this is the comic which would bring a theory that death is probably the easiest thing to do in a nutshell. This comic would bring a lot of shits and giggles throughout the story depending on how Covid19 played us all. But still, there’s a comedian who actually makes some of the dirtiest jokes that he has on his sleeve, like the Joker from Batman. This story is written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Martin Simmonds. Joe is one of the bestselling authors of the New York Times, best known for his novels Fireman and Heart-Shaped Box, he also earned the Eiser Away for Best Writer for his long-running comic book series Locke & Key. And Martin is an illustrator and an artist who is currently working on Death Sentence, an ongoing comic book series from Titan Comics.

The front cover shows an exquisite kind of cover art that involves the comedian dealing with some struggles. Either way, we get to see him in a stand-up comedy, while above is his shadow who is trying to kill him. That aside, the whole concept is called “Dying is Easy” because this seems to be more of a suicide mission version of the comic or we’re just watching another episode of Seinfeld. The story starts with the main character named Syd with his usual stand-up comedy with the following panels of every text of him talking about how life just became a joke to everyone ever since he was a cop, to begin with. After that we get a conversation between one of the people at the club, telling him something to make a quick buck, however, Syd has a thing against Carl because he’s an asshole. Once he got out of the club, he made it clear that dying is easy, and doing comedy is hard. But there is a downside though, he’s a fugitive and unemployed and every police officer in the neighborhood is after him because he once killed a person during homicide and the person who beat up outside the club. Either way, we get to see some of the craziest adventures between a crazy guy who is being chased by the police because the whole plot is a no-brainer though.

The story is interesting to tell the fact that a stand-up comedian is struggling with his life, right after he quit being a cop, doing comedy is hard as he thought. So he would rather die under a few consequences that he had done in life. This is such a crazy adventure between an ex-cop, performing a stand-up comedy to the audience. The art is more likely to have some realistic following with a lot of details. Martin’s art style comes in many different ways, in this comic, the artist shows much more of designing the characters, and it seems that he did his drawing filling with lightning around the page. And he describes his art to have a mood with lightning around. But his art is more of a DC Comics material kind of art. As one of the Batman comics that I’ve looked into the cover arts, it’s amazing. So there’s no telling that this story involves some homicide murders and stuff which involved an ex-cop to fix all this. So Dying is Easy, is a comic full of shits and giggles and a variety of one of the craziest adventures between a crazy person against society.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.