Comic Review: Superman #9 (DC Comics)

“The way you act and carry yourself like a big guy.. Sometimes you make me forget that you’re only ten years old.” Man, I have to say, Peter J Tomasi […]

“The way you act and carry yourself like a big guy.. Sometimes you make me forget that you’re only ten years old.”

Man, I have to say, Peter J Tomasi , Patrick Gleason, and Doug Mahnke really know how to make readers get genuinely emotional. The way the story is written, the imagery and themes are portrayed in this conclusion to the Escape From Dinosaur Island leaves nothing but great joy and emotion aside from all the fun action.

After the cliffhanger of last issue, Superman, his son Jon and Krypto come across the cave of The Losers. A World War 2 squad that got lost in time and stranded within Dinosaur Island. Upon intrusion, they meet the remaining survivor of the platoon Captain Storm. Man oh man oh man, it’s honestly been nothing but great writing within this issue. Especially in a Superman title that really balances so well and is thoroughly enjoyable. I don’t even know what to say without spoiling the book? I believe that universally everyone who has mostly read the titles from the DC Rebirth line has all said that this is one of the better titles of the publication. It’s such a well-written conclusion and tribute to Darwyn Cooke (who passed away in May losing his battle  to cancer).

This issue has a lot of good moments between Superman and Jon. But there are other good scenes that are well dialogued between Jon and Captain Storm. It’s interesting to hear a little kid who is nearly on the verge of invincibility in his life ask a man of flesh a blood what it’s like to get hurt and making effort to comprehend that human perspective.

Seeing Jon trying to comprehend that he may never get out of this realm to see his family again is beautifully portrayed. It’s personally always great to see when stories tackle themes of life and death in ways that are relatable and ponderous. Mahnke really delivers in the art as much as the writers deliver in plot and dialogue.

Tomasi and Gleason really know how to tug on reader’s heart strings with all of the subtle moments that could easily match up with moments more action packed. They are on top of their game on this title and they don’t seem to be slowing down their momentum anytime soon with this title. One of the few titles from DC that is superbly well written, fun, beautifully drawn and enjoyable to read from beginning to end. If you’ve been reading this series since the beginning, I’m pretty sure you would agree. If you’re not a Superman fan…. Then what are you doing!?  What are you waiting for!? You can’t tell me that the Batman books are the only appealing reads (I mean, they are but that’s not the point). This is the perfect time to jump right in and read a good Superman title (aside from Action Comics). Regardless, this is good series with a team that do a genuinely fine job at not giving readers half-assed Superman stories like the stuff that was published during the New 52 launch. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this series. If not, it’s your choice, but if interested, take a chance, I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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