Comic Review: Berserk Vol.38 (Dark Horse)

Japan’s most popular Dark Fantasy Comic/Manga of Berserk is finally here on its 38th volume of the series, however, things would be more impressed with the fans out there, because […]

Japan’s most popular Dark Fantasy Comic/Manga of Berserk is finally here on its 38th volume of the series, however, things would be more impressed with the fans out there, because Berserk is one of the most violent dark fantasy manga ever read.

For the most part, Berserk became a world phenomenon to release the series in the U.S., because most of the American comics focused on a serious and intimidating type of stories that you ever read. The manga is the best to read for adults because it contains a very serious graphic violence and sexual content.

We focus the story between two rivals and adversaries of the series which is Guts, the branded black swordsman, and Griffith of the legendary Band of the Hawks. Guts were able to survive from all the obstacles that he faced along with his companions in order to get to the land of the elves to help Casca to regain her mind and heart from the worst nightmare that she and Guts got involved. Meanwhile, Rickert and Erica were rescued by the Hawk’s minions and took them into a holy peaceful town where Griffith resides. Even thought that Griffith is a savior and a peacekeeper to the people, the Band of the Hawk literary built that town for the safety of the people from the conflict that they suffered. No one ever knows what their secret was because Griffith betrayed their own army and sacrificed and killed most of his men before, but they had been secretly kept demons as tools of war. Ever since he was sent to the darkness as a God Hand’s fifth member, he planned the whole time to resurrect as a human form, but he is more than a human because he can manipulate monsters and demons to serve under his will and power.

Guts ventures around the continent fighting the demons just in order to get his revenge on Griffith. He faces several intimidating creatures on his journey, but even when he travels alone, he’s willing to protect the fragile Casca with the help of his friends. Somehow, they made it to the land of the elves but there is much more different than any magic that they’ve ever seen.

In my reaction, it’s really an amazing story to read than reading any fantasy novels because Berserk is ever known as the best fantasy comic in Japan. The manga artist Kentaro Miura wrote so many stories on his youth just until Berserk was published when he was 23. The manga became a prototype for every other manga that had published before because his illustrations were unreal and actually became more realistic than any other manga that ever read. We find that his illustrations were more realistic, he drew the characters more passionate, charming, humoristic and even more intimidating (Guts, monsters, and apostles). The artist focused on shading very often to have a dark story and somehow it contains an intense graphic content. Kentaro had so many ideas for this comic, inspired by medieval-Europe combined with an occult theme as a dark fantasy comic. The art is similar from the other illustrators like Hirohiko Araki from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Takeshi Obata who illustrated from various authors like Death Note. The Berserk manga series became more famous at that time, Dark Horse Comics allowed to publish and translate the comic in the U.S. And it even announced to have an anime for this time of the year where we left of after a few decades from the old anime and made it more different than the story. Berserk is the type of manga that everyone actually read after all these years because everyone loved reading this dark fantasy manga because reading fantasy stories will literary take you on a journey right up ahead.

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