Comic Reviews: Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 (IDW)

IDW Comics releases an old classic comic book series of a police detective of Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive on its first issue. Now, I have read some of the […]

IDW Comics releases an old classic comic book series of a police detective of Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive on its first issue.

Now, I have read some of the detective comics, but this one is a different story. But somehow there are some other series that was related to Dick Tracy, like the Inspector Gadget or Dirty Harry. I mean as I’m not that familiar about the series, but it was just an excuse for the younger generation to say “Dick” I mean isn’t enough people or something to call dicks? Like seriously, I only knew the name of the movie that I just watched like Moby Dick, but when every other movie came out, I never said “dick” in my younger days. Just like one of the Angry Video Game Nerd episode, it sums up something, and please don’t get me started with the video game because it holds a lot of frustration that any other gamer ever experienced. This is the reason why L.A. Noire video game was invented in this generation because Rockstar games really do make some great Grand Theft Auto games.

So, anyway this is a usual 70s or 80s style of Dick Tracy comic strips, and as usual, there are crimes that Dick Tracy needs to step up to stop them, corrupted politicians in a city filled with smoking cigarettes, and obviously the most violent comic of the series. So there’s nothing to talk about, just some normal Dick Tracy kind of story where everything comes in guns blazing, but I surprised that this comic book series kept going since it was released in the 1930s. Does the crime ever stop spreading, no? It’s almost like a plague that is almost lead to terrorism and murder. But what will happen next, will Dick Tracy keeps doing their police work?

To be honest, this is the first time that I’ve ever read a Dick Tracy comic in this year, however this comic is much older than their sick grandfathers to read this. This comic is very iconic and it shows what the detective comics is all about before Batman was created. But Dick Tracy shows to a different story, even on this comic published by IDW, Dick Tracy has gotten some serious shit with his job. The story is usually the traditional Dick Tracy that ever wrote, and the art is mostly what you have seen from reading one of the Marvel Comics, but it’s more modern than looking back at the drawings back in the 20th century, and if you were Chester Gould, the author of the old Dick Tracy comics, would you draw something that it looks similar to the IDW version? It would be that simple, right? If you rather want to read an old detective comic book series like this one with the IDW version, then this one is for you.

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