Comic Review: Ghosted in L.A. Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios bring you a graphic novel which everything in L.A is becoming a ghost town of ignorance in Ghosted in L.A on its first volume.

So what happens if you ignored every people of the town that you think that you’ve cared about or presenting on a job interview and then you get ignored for a reason or something, you’d get this comic out of nowhere. This is actually very rare to have a comic to know what lies up ahead in life, although it gets some ups and downs between your daily life in a way, this is likely to have an addition to knowing what plot of the story are you dealing with. The story is written and illustrated by Sina Grace and another illustrator by Siobhan Keenan. Sina created one of the American comic artist and writer who is known for making comics from different publishers and the one who drew Iceman, Go-Go Power Rangers and Self-Obsessed on Boom! Studios. Plus, he’s one of the illustrators where can be found drinking coffee in a coffee shop in L.A, working on whatever the next thing may be.

The front cover shows one of the main characters surrounded by ghosts who trying to take over the front cover as if someone is looking at them. The ghosts can be seen and illustrated in a blue transparent form, if this wasn’t ghosts in a different color, you have no idea of what comic you’re expecting to read. And the ghosts characters almost remind me of Casper because there are one of the stories that can be like that, however, in reality, being ghosted is almost near to be ignored. The background of the cover shows a palace which is turned out to be some student dorm in a university in Los Angeles, but there’s more to it. But what I do like about Sina Grace’s art is the characters because what he draws, it seems that the characters express themselves perfectly and it makes more interesting to have the characters to have a motion to the story ever since I read the Power Rangers comics, also his storytelling is great too, however, it’s no similarity when I took the creative writing and most of the stories that I wrote is to show the story of the comic which I’m willing to create. So anyway, the story starts when a girl named Daphne is moving to L.A to attend a university just to see her lover, but before that, her old friend keeps giving her gifts for the dorm room, but then she started bursting out of her jealousy over her boyfriend, it’s pathetic and that becomes an ignorance to her because she wanted to get on with her life far away from home. After that when she got in a dorm, she gets a roommate which is a Christian lover and kind of a bitch because she actually put up a bible study without reminding her of that. WHY NOT JUST USE THE STUDY GROUP?! As soon as Daphne reunited with her boyfriend, he came up with the thought that he won’t see each other anymore because he had a conversation with his father saying that they wanted until he was born to know his gender which they call him “Desmona,” meaning unlucky or wretchedness in greek. Now, who in the fuck would name someone Desmona?! Am I going over with some Shakesphere’s play or something, this is also pathetic and became an ignorance to her over that shit.

Ok you know I’m gonna throw out of my personal thoughts but bear with me this is what reality is like, first of all, I’ve never read a comic which these humans come up with some relationship problems since high school, that they never grow as lovers in high school until college. Heck, I’ve even met one of my old friends which is a Hispanic girl dating her boyfriend in high school and they actually grew out of their bond and they’re married. It’s strange of how that actually took a lifetime, it’s a sign of love and a true bond of two lovers. I, on the other hand, I don’t really believe that kind of thing, and I don’t even know what love is until I talked to her, because I was distracted and focused on my ambitions and goals instead of dating a cute girl. This comic shows something that makes the two lovers think that relationships seem to have some ups and downs at some point, and that actually led to a downfall.

Anyway, after hearing that shit from Ronnie, Daphney just left him in anger and regret, however, while she is sidetracked trying to send a text message to her friend and her mother, right until she stumbles in a haunted house which almost looked like a palace or a villa, whatever they call it. She dunked herself in a swimming pool trying to distract her mind from all the trouble she got through until she met a ghost in the pool and met some other ghosts inside the house, and then she’s going out saying she’s dead, a help from god and something whatever she stumbles. After that, the ghosts share their troubles with her to know how did they become ghosts that easily. These people just lived in that mansion around in the 1930s just before they became ghosts. However, the thing is that even that they’re ghosts, they survive in daylight just before Daphne going to the campus. However, things just went wrong to worse, even so when she went back to the mansion, Ronnie followed her and then thinks that she ghosted him for not texting him back. Even as that, he kept coming to that mansion to talk with Daphne until he met a ghost who came out from the wall. The weirdest thing that came from the comic is that one of the ghosts is gathering around meeting up a ghost who was a rock star which is the same poster who gave her friend who died this morning and showed up as a ghost at her home.

The story is more interesting to know that this is more like a ghost story than a drama story because the plot tells such difference from the living and the dead. It’s no brainer to know a human who resides in a haunted house surrounded with ghosts can be that friendly, except that old guy ghost who tries to eat her. What I really do like about this comic is the characters because of all the art styles that I’ve stumbled to each artist’s perspective, this one shows the more meaningful motion of the characters, it reminds me of Gurihiru’s characters because her illustrations show something that every comic and character would bring. Now I already talked about his art twice which makes this artist one of my favorites now. The story is more like getting to the point of whether there’s a plot twist around the storytelling and more. Ghosted in LA is a comic that has a lot of things but ignorance is not one of them to fix someone’s relationship problems. If you rather want to read a comic where there’s a haunted mansion in LA and every ghost seems friendly and less intimidated then this is for you.

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