How To Survive A Comic Convention


With San Diego only days away, as a public service we at Pendragon’s Post would like to offer some survival tips to help you out and to get through this con a lot easier.

1 )  Shower and Use Deodorant: Cons are extremely crowded & it can get extremely warm in there, do your fellow con goers a favor and shower & use deodorant. I can’t stress this enough. Nothing is worse than a smelly fanboy.

2 ) Bring Bottled Water: Hydration is extremely important. Plus at what the conventions halls charge, it’s best to bring your own. I suggest either one of those camping plastic bottles or one of those aluminum bottles. Most of these halls have plenty of water fountains around, & it’s really easy just to fill it up when you’re running low.

3 ) Bring Snacks:You’re gonna get hungry, so bring some snacks with you. And again, the convention hall is going to try to charge you an arm & leg to eat something. I know I don’t like paying $8 for a small turkey sandwich. Personally I suggest something with protein in it like a energy bar.
4 ) Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes: Might as well be comfortable, seeing how you’re going to be on your feet all day. Though this is kind of null & void if you’re going in costume.

5 ) Use Deodorant

6) Spandex Is A Privilege, Not A Right: Look I understand that fans like to dress up like their favorite characters, but know your limitations. It’s just a fact that spandex doesn’t look good on everyone. And if you’re going in costume, please don’t half-ass it. Nothing is worse than seeing someone dressed in a Spider-Man mask and T-shirt, and considers it a costume.

7 ) Keep A List: I find it easier to keep a list of items I’m looking for. So when I’m thumbing through the bins I know what I want.

8 ) Keep Your Autograph Items Ready: There is nothing more annoying then waiting in line for an autograph, and the guy in front of you doesn’t have anything ready. Take the comics out of the bag & get them ready for signings.

9 ) Use Deodorant

10) Bring a Bag: Personally I find it easy to bring a backpack, with an extra collapsible bag for bought items & swag. Just makes it easier. I suggest bringing a poster tube, seeing how a lot of the swag are posters & you don’t want to get them messed up.

11 ) Mind Your Manners: It takes very little effort to say “Excuse me”. Try it.

12 ) Use Deodorant: Notice a trend here. This is something I just can’t stress enough.

13 ) Have a Good Time: Just enjoy yourself.

Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

About Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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