Why I’m Quitting The DC Universe Classics

There’s been some changes in my life that led me to start re-organizing my DCUC collection. As, I’m doing it, I’m taking a good look at all the characters and […]

There’s been some changes in my life that led me to start re-organizing my DCUC collection. As, I’m doing it, I’m taking a good look at all the characters and realized that I’m not fan of all of them. And then I thought about what’s new that’s been announced from Mattel, and find myself very uninterested.  So I came to the conclusion, I think I’m officially done collecting DC Universe Classics.

Now this article isn’t going to try to convince anyone else to stop buying DCUC. Or as “way to get back at Mattel”.

I’ve just really taken a hard look at a lot of factors, and I’m done. I’ve already sold about 50 figures based on characters I don’t care for. And I’ve just “already” ready canceled my subscription to the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths.

So what led me to this “drastic action”, it’s really a couple of things:

  • The Word “Classics” – Now I’ll admit I’m being too literal on this one, but in my mind if you’re gonna call something classic, you should go back to all of 75 years of DC history. I really wanted a Captain Boomerang, but in his iconic costume, as cheezy as it may seem. Why was there even a line called Green Lantern Classics, when none of the designs were older than 10 yrs?
  • Character Selection – While I can’t say I’ve totally been disappointed with the character selection, but there have been some that I just don’t care for. I fully understand that almost every character is someone’s favorite, I wish Mattel would dig deeper into the DC History to give us some more Golden Age & Silver Age action figures. But as the waves continue to come in, I find myself less interested in buying them.
  • Assembly & Packaging – I’m putting these together because with the current packaging we get for DCUC, it truly warps, or in some cases, breaks the figures. The plastic sleeve used to hold the figures in place, is sometimes posing the characters in unnatural positions. Personally I wouldn’t have an issue if Mattel got rid of the plastic sleeve and just left the figure loose.
  • Distribution – This is a particularly sore subject. This is one area that is totally out of Mattel’s hands. The way the big box stores (i.e., Walmart, Target, etc) carry the figures is just damn annoying. Once the figures leave the manufacturing plant, the go to the big box store’s distribution center. From their, it’s those stores that are responsible for actually putting them in the stores. But it’s becoming painfully obvious that the stores don’t care about the DCUC line. I have 2 Walmarts in my area. One store carries them, and the other doesn’t. This makes no sense to me. And then there’s the fact we don’t see new stock until the old stock is sold. This is a standard practice, but the stores refuse the put the old stock into clearance so it will actually sell out. If anything is retail stores are going to be the downfall of DCUC.
  • Female Figures – It’s been pointed out to Mattel, since DCUC started, that the female figures lack muscle tone. And in numerous Q&A’s Toy Guru (AKA Scott Neitlich) has said they recognize the problem and it will be fixed. 20 waves later, and we still end up with female figures that look like sticks. The 4 Horsemen sculpt both the DCUC and the Masters Of The Universe Classics, and the MOTUC female figures have the much needed muscle tone. Why can’t be done with DCUC? And speaking of females…
  • Lack Of Female Characters – The DC Universe is made up of a ton of female characters, and yet we continue to see less & less of them in action figure form. Mattel’s answer, they don’t appeal to mothers & boys. What? It clearly states on the packaging that DCUC is for the Adult Collector. Of course, confront Mattel and you get the usual run-a-round.
  • Team Building – Now, by no means am I “completist”, but don’t start putting out figures for a team if you’re not going to finish it. I think this really bugs me because of the Elongated Man fiasco back in October. At this point in time, I truly doubt I’ll ever complete the Satellite Era Justice League. I might be wrong there, but look at the facts. 3 members of the Metal Men missing. 3 members of the Doom Patrol missing. And don’t get me started on the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron. The only teams Mattel has seem to have completed are Super Friends and Super Powers, which leads me to…
  • Super Friends & Super Powers – Let’s start with Super Friends. I’m sorry, this lame ass cartoon is truly a slap in the face to fans of the actual comic books. Hate to tell you, but Batman beats the crap out of people. Don’t believe me, then watch the 1969 Filmation cartoon The Adventures of Batman. Plus Aquaman wasn’t a joke until the Super Friends. And with the Super Powers, I grew up with 8″, multiple points of articulation, cloth costumed Megos. The 3″ lame ass figures really disappointed me. Yes, I know that legend Jack Kirby was involved with the redesign, but they were lame. And quite honestly, some of the characters in both Super Friends and Super Powers never appeared in the comics, so why the heck are we getting these lame characters before characters that deserve it like Aqualad and Elongated Man?
  • It’s Geoff Johns’ World – Geoff Johns is considered a rock star in the world of comics, and DC Comics can’t get enough of him. They truly believe that whatever Johns touches turns to gold. So of course they force that “gold” onto Mattel, and they are forced make figures based on who’s Geoff Johns’ favorite characters. so we are getting a Larfleeze and Atrocitus before Elognated Man (yes, beating a dead horse). Johns is up on his pedestal with DC thinking he can do no wrong. Unfortunately that means Mattel has to put out this crap because DC told them to.

So that’s pretty much my stance. 

Now Mattel might put out some character that might change my mind. So if someone comes along that I want, I will buy that DCUC. I’m trying to keep somewhat of an open mind.

I hope you current collectors that are reading this are happy with DCUC. Some of you may agree with me and some may not. But if you do agree with me, just don’t bitch about on message boards. Speak with you dollars, and just don’t buy DCUC.

As for me…right now, I’m out.

Brian “Pendragon” Isaacs
Executive Editor/Publisher

Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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