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Space: The Final Frontier But thank goodness not the final Star Trek Movie

How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.

-James Kirk, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

As a young pup I constantly had the opportunity to walk in on various episodes of Star Trek blaring loudly from our ancient, tube television. Eventually, as I grew wise to the mischievous mind of Captain James T. Kirk, I realized how enthralling just one short episode of Star Trek could be to a young girl. My brain exploded when I was offered the opportunity to grab a bag of popcorn and watch Star Trek on film(still on the tube). I watched as the USS Enterprise went into warp speed to escape the Klingon warbirds, and saw the constant verbal battles between the captain and his close crew mates.

Each movie brought on its own adventure and dilemma, but as every “dorky” girl does, I went through a phase of being too cool for my Federation members. Until one day I heard a distinct ship noise that caught my attention radiating from my husband’s macbook…he was watching the trailer for the newest Star Trek movie to be released in 2009. I had the nerdiest moment in my life watching the characters transform to young cadets, and I drooled at the idea of being able to see the Enterprise in action once more.

The release of the 2009 Star Trek film revived in me the deep admiration I have for the crew, and had me internally high-fiving myself when something shouted out to the previous films which actually hadn’t occurred yet in the timeline. Watching each pivotal crew member grace the big screen (finally!) made my heart skip a beat, and the actors themselves engulfed the characters perfectly. At every turn in the movie I was geeking out about some other awesome throwback!

Given all of the above, you can understand my apprehension to see the newest Star Trek film Into Darkness. How could JJ Abrams continue to revive in me that childlike wonder? We were already established with the characters so how could they possibly bring out as much fan girl as they did with the 2009 release? I am pleased to announce to you all that he met & exceeded my expectations all within two hours!


Star Trek Into Darkness opened with a very Star Wars feel with white ashen, primitive natives chasing the Captain and Bones through a red treed jungle throwing spears. I was half expecting an Ewok to emerge. Within mere minutes I was engulfed into a volcano fearful of loosing a member of the crew, but as always James T Kirk breaks protocol to save a friend. Good ol’ Jim. Unfortunately, this leads to a Game of Thrones plot point “you are too dangerous to have your own ship… you aren’t captain of the Enterprise anymore” which was resolved within 15 minutes landing Jim back in the pilot’s chair.

A disturbing figure arrives early who drives the story forward by committing acts of terror on the Federation. At this point the plot seems well set or is it? Along the way we make our way into Klingon territory(SWEEETTT!!! Finally some wrinkly foreheads!). Unfortunately their presence is short lived on screen, but an ever present worry throughout the film.

Amongst a lot of confusion about who the true villain is in the movie, the crew all begin to take on challenges of their own. Spock dealing with his emotionless or should I say emotional state. Scotty dealing with his morals. Bones attempting to say the most metaphors ever in one sentence. Sulu assuming the role of captain for a brief period of time, and so on.

Finally, villains (yes plural) are revealed to make any true Treky super excited about things to come! You finally get a deep look into the development of the “Wrath of Kahn” no pun intended. We also get a glimpse of our old pal and future Spock, Leonard Nimoy. Always a pleasure to see lots of Vulcans on the screen.

Although I missed all of the Ooos and Aaas of seeing new characters appear in the film, Abrams still took my breath away with all of the throwbacks to the older films. Spock’s hand/face connection. An emotional discussion through glass walls, and many more exciting things (WARP SPEED GALOUR!!)As always the Enterprise crew come out on top, but not without scaring the tar out of you along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during this screening and cannot wait until the next one rolls its way into theatres.