Spend Free Comic Book Day with Erica Schultz, Creator of “M3”

If the world of comic books could have a national holiday, it would be Free Comic Book Day! What a better way to get into the “holiday spirit” then spending […]

Erica Schultz

If the world of comic books could have a national holiday, it would be Free Comic Book Day! What a better way to get into the “holiday spirit” then spending it with Erica Schultz the creator of the highly acclaimed action/assassin series M3. She will be appearing Saturday, May 4 at 10 a.m. at the Comic Book Shop, located in Wilmington, Delaware.

M3 tells the story of “assassin Machiavella Maria Marcona as she escapes FBI custody and ticks names off her hit list.

“Relentlessly following her is FBI analyst Christopher Morris whose own past has crossed with Machiavella’s many years ago.”

It has been called a “a real world, cat and mouse crime thriller, much in the same vein as The Bourne Identity.”

The art of M3 is done by the Vincente Alcázar, who Schultz said in an interview with SVT Publishing, “has had a very long and successful career in comics as well as in fine art. He is probably best known for his work on Jonah Hex for DC Comics. He’s worked on several other comics, like Moon Knight, Conan, Thongor, Creepy/Eerie, and a whole host of other titles. He left comics for a while to focus on painting and gallery work. He says he returned to comics with M3, because I allowed him to do whatever he wanted.”


She explained the two met in 2009 while he was working on Jonah Hex.

“I said something to the tune of, ‘If I ever get my head out of my a**, I’ll finish my comic script, and you can draw it.’ He smiled and nodded. Then it got me thinking; I had already finished the first two issues of M3, and the scripts were all set to go, so why not? So I gave him the script the next day (a Wednesday). He thanked me, put it in his bag, and kept drawing. I didn’t hear anything about it until late Friday afternoon when he told me that he loved it and would love to take the journey with me. Since then he refers to Machiavella as ‘our girl,’ and she very much is.”

Check out “their girl” here, and on Facebook.  See the The Comic Book Shop’s full Free Comic Book Day schedule here.

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