The Walking Dead Pop! – Series 3


There is nothing greater than coming back from a long weekend to these handsome devils waiting for you in your inbox.
This gorgeous series is filled with Villains and Crazies – my absolute favorite!
Seriously, Prison Yard Rick…Where did all the sanity go?
Oh my goodness…I could marry this series!
Because really…
…nothing says love quite like missing eyes, missing hands & riot gear.


Oh…You like Exclusives? Weird. ;)
Keep an “eye” (Governor Joke) out for the following:
Poncho Daryl Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive
Zombie Merle Pop! – Hot Topic Exclusive
Bloody Gauze Eye Patch Governor Pop! – Previews Exclusive
Blood Splatter Merle Pop! – Conventions Exclusive
Blood Splatter Governor – Fugitive Toys Exclusive
  Available JULY 11TH!

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