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Hello again toy fans.

Today’s review is the new Injustice figures from D.C. Collectibles. The sets include Green Arrow and Deathstroke, and Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy.

I was excitingly anticipating the release of these figures since they were announced. So imagine my surprise on how disappointed I was in these figures once I received them. Now don’t get too excited about bashing these figures as of yet, because I will explain what I mean in a few.


Let’s start off with articulation. My biggest complaint about DC figures is there is never enough articulation on their figures. Today I cannot complain about this each figure comes with multiple points of articulation making them poseable in various positions. Solomon Grundy is the only one of the four that lacks foot articulation; being he is the bigger of the figures I can understand why. Also included is the 2 point chest articulation making them poseable at the waist? I give DC 3 out of 3 on articulation with multiple points it makes for many possibilities in posing, and playing with your figures.


Paint, character likeness, and attention to the small details make these characters look like they came off the video game and onto your shelves. I know that it was a common saying for me back when I reviewed the Arkham City figure, but what can I say at this point in time the attention to details shows again in these figures . Out of the four Solomon Grundy is my favorite his greyish skin the knives sticking out of his back (no, they are not remove able). The attention they paid on his cloths, how can I complain about it him when they give me nothing to complain about? Deathstroke mask side guns even the ammo belt are well done. Green arrow his uniform, his bow, even his arrow holder are all well detailed the bow itself can shoot, but no arrows to shoot from it. Wonder Woman looks good as well though she lacks any weapons making her kind of blah. After all who is Wonder Woman without her lasso?
So this is where I was disappointed, as much attention they paid to the characters where are the weapons we have grown to love from our characters? No arrows for Green Arrow to shoot, no sword for Deathstroke, no sword, shield, or lasso at all for Wonder Woman? Come on DC for 29.99 per pack there should be weapons for every character in these packs even multiple weapons. I give you guys 1out of 3 on detail. For the price it is not worth running out for them when you cannot even include weaponry.


The thing that makes these characters stand out from any others is for so many years we have come to love our six inch figures. Some of us prefer smaller. Injustice figures are 3 and ¾ scale figures making them perfect to fight side by side or against all your other quarter scale figures. You got pose ability, and play ability all in one figure for countless hours of fun.

In closing, I give these figures 2 out of 3 on the fun scale. Though they lack weaponry I found them to be very pretty and shelf worthy to stand next to my other quarter scale figures. My only hope is that the next set to come out will include more accessories for me to play with.

So after reviewing these, I sat down with Jim Fletcher, Design Director Creative Services at DC Collectibles, to ask him some questions about these figures.

(MIKE) Will we see Batman in this series?

(JIM)While he isn’t on the schedule yet, if fan demand is there, we would love to get more characters out.

(MIKE) Why wasn’t Wonder Woman given any weapons?

(JIM) She does pretty well without them, don’t you think? Sometimes it is a cost issue for the figure two packs (oversized Grundy with some weapons of his own) and sometimes an Amazon warrior just doesn’t need it!

(MIKE) Are there plans to make Variants of the characters?

(JIM) Not at this time.

(MIKE) Can you confirm that Catwoman is the second figure included with Doomsday?

(JIM) How do you think the feline femme fatale would do against Doomsday? Might be an interesting pairing.

(MIKE) How many characters are planned for this series?

(JIM) We have made 14 to date!

(MIKE) Will there be any con exclusives for this line?

(JIM) No plans yet but keep the requests coming!

Thanks Jim, for taking time to answer some questions

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You can purchase your sets either from your local comic shops, or on DC Collectibles website.

Till next time.

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