Dave Gibbons’ The War Machine


Dave Gibbons’ reboot of seminal 2000 AD character, Rogue Trooper, is now available in North America!


Bred for war, they were created to be the ultimate warriors. Impervious to the poisons and contagions of an endless future conflict on an alien world. They were the cloned, blue-skinned Genetic Infantrymen. And they were betrayed.


Known for his work on Watchmen, Gibbons was also one of the co-creators of Rogue Trooper and The War Machine is his gritty re-imagining of the way he always wanted the story to be told


With brutally visceral artwork by Will Simpson (Vamps, Hellblazer), The War Machine is war like you’ve never seen it before. With his comrades dead, the lone GI nicknamed ‘Friday’ must stalk this burnt and pockmarked world in search of the traitor who left him and his clone brothers to die.

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