Diamond Select to Offer Comic-Con Exclusive Star Trek Starship!

Everybody remember where we parked! Comic-Con International in San Diego has long been the home to all levels of Star Trek fandom. From casual fans to die-hard cosplayers, every degree of Trek fan is in attendance. And while Diamond Select Toys always has something new to show off to Trekkies at the show, it’s been a while since they offered an exclusive Trek product to attendees. Well, the wait is over!

This year’s Comic-Con exclusive will be a fully cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey, a variation on the most recent electronic starship from Diamond Select. As seen in numerous Star Trek films as well as the Next Generation TV series, the cloaked Bird of Prey is cast entirely in transparent plastic, and has had all of its electronics removed, rendering it virtually invisible! Like the regular edition, it measures 12 inches long with a 19-inch wingspan, but it comes with a transparent display base as well as translucent landing gear, so you can land it in the public park of your choice.


The ship has be limited to only 200 pieces made, and will only be available at the Diamond Select Toys booth, #2607, in a window box, for the price of $60.

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