Legends of Chima Premieres on Cartoon Network This July

LEGO_LOCA01-Still075From the creators of NINJAGO comes the LEGO® Group’s newest animated series, Legends of Chima. Premiering on Wednesday, July 10 at 8:00 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network, Legends of Chima tells the story of the Chima Kingdom, a magical land ruled by very advanced animal tribes. These creatures walk and talk like humans. They drive vehicles, use machinery and live in amazing castles and fortresses, but still have claws, teeth, tails and/or wings.  And right now, they battle each other.

The Chima Kingdom that was once a pure and natural paradise has transformed into a land of unrest. Best friends, Laval the Lion and Cragger the Crocodile, turned into enemies. In the forests, vehicles are charging at each other in epic duels. Animal tribes are fighting over the possession of the super-powerful natural energy-source called Chi – which is the source of life and has the potential for unimaginable destruction.

Only a few brave heroes understand the true nature of Chi. Their story, and the stories of those who challenge them, are known as the “Legends of Chima.” These rich stories are filled with conquest, loyalty and rivalry in a world never seen before.

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