SDCC Exclusives – First Peek

We can no longer contain our SDCC Exclusive excitement!!

2013 SDCC Funko Exclusives

Because July 18th seems SOOOO far away…
We have decided to start sharing the brilliance known as…SDCC Funko Exclusives!

From now until the Con, we will be releasing a few images at a time, twice a week.
AND, just to add to the level of awesome…We will also be doing SDCC Funko giveaways!

Today we have 8, yes EIGHT Funko Exclusives we have decided to share with the world.
I’m so ecstatic about these particular items, I could cry actual tears of JOY!

Starting with my handsome men in green…METALLIC green, to be exact!




And what SDCC Exclusive list would be complete without some Walking Dead in the mix!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming giveaway on Twitter (@OriginalFunko) and FB…
These two Blood Splattered beauties will be the PRIZE!


Speaking of Blood Splatter…

How about a little Alien Blood Splatter?
…And Predator Blood Splatter while were at it…
We Love Green Blood!


Again, keep an eye out for our giveaways…TWO giveaways per WEEK!
Spread the word!
We look forward to seeing you in San Diego.
Funko Booth #5343

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