Totally Wicked TMNT action figures are Epic

Stopmotion footage at its finest brings the Teenage Mutating Ninja Turtles action figures to life. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo all take on Shredder and his evil foot clan in the city streets.

90517_StealthTechLeo photo 90517_StealthTechLeo_Pkg.jpg photo 90517_StealthTechLeo_PkgBk.jpg
 photo 90520_StealthTechDon.jpg photo 90520_StealthTechDon_Pkg.jpg photo 90520_StealthTechDon_PkgBk.jpg
 photo 90519_StealthTechMike.jpg photo 90519_StealthTechMike_Pkg.jpg photo 90519_StealthTechMike_PkgBk.jpg
 photo 90518_StealthTechRaph.jpg photo 90518_StealthTechRaph_Pkg.jpg photo 90518_StealthTechRaph_PkgBk.jpg
 photo 90515_BasicRatKing.jpg photo 90515_RatKing_Pkg.jpg photo 90515_RatKing_PkgBk.jpg photo 90525_BasicCockroach.jpg

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