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CCI’s Comic Creator Connection is a one-of-a-kind meet up for up-and-coming creators

ComiXology to guarantee marketing support for qualified participants

July 8th, 2013 – New York, NY – ComiXology’s Meet Your Makers summer extravaganza continues with the announcement of comiXology’s sponsorship of the Comic Creator Connection – a one-of-a-kind meet up for comic creators that is presented by and takes place during Comic-Con International.

The Comic Creator Connection (CCC) puts writers and artists together to see whether they can find their creative counterparts. For any writer and artist participating in the CCC, comiXology is guaranteeing marketing support on their platform through the comiXology Submit portal if they finish a project together within the next year.

“When we came up with the Meet Your Makers summer event, we not only wanted to celebrate existing comic creators who have helped to make comiXology what it is today, but also new and upcoming creators who are excited about getting into the business of comics,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “We’re happy to sponsor this unique program and guarantee marketing support for creators that meet during the Comic Creator Connection and complete a project within 12 months of meeting.”

“We’re excited to have comiXology on board as sponsor of the Comic Creator Connection and their support of new and upcoming talent,” said David Glanzer, Comic-Con International’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “It’s great that they will give creator support for projects coming out of the Comic Creator Connection.”

The Comic Creator Connection event is held in two 2-hour sessions—on Thursday, July 18th and Friday, July 19th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM both days. During the event, writers and artists can sit down and meet each other in 5-minute sessions about their ideas. At the end of each 5-minute period, participants will get up and move on to the next person. If participants are interested in furthering the conversation, they place their contact information on a supplied card for that prospective partner.

Up and coming creator wishing to participate in the Comic Creator Connection can send an email to

More information about the CCC can be found here:

As part of their commitment to creators, this past March comiXology debuted comiXology Submit, an easy to use self-publishing portal that enables independent comic book creators to reach comiXology’s global audience of comic fans.  ComiXology is proud to support all CCC participants that finish products within the year through the comiXology Submit portal and with guaranteed marketing support.

ComiXology’s sponsorship of the Comic Creator is just one part of comiXology’s summer long Meet Your Makers event celebrating comic creators and the creation of comics.

Stay tuned for more Meet Your Makers announcements.

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