SDCC Exclusives – 5th Peek


2013 SDCC Funko Exclusives
So sometimes we like to do things and not tell you about it…
Yeah…we’re rebels like that.
 Only not really, because we basically tell you everything.
But this time, we didn’t! Ha!
The result? A surprise Monday evening SDCC Exclusive announcement!
You’re welcome.
Oh…And it’s FILLED with only Disney items!
You’re doubly welcome. :)
Disney, Disney and then…A little more Disney

I think this sweet little 2-Pack may be one of my very favorites this year!

We can’t give them singing voices or legs, but we can give them the METALLIC treatment all day long.
Wacka, wacka, WOBBLERS!
Flocked Fozzie and Metallic Animal
  More Muppets Make Me … I can’t think of an ‘M’ word worthy of the happiness I feel!
A peek at some Pixar!
Gosh these guys look goooood.
Not that Series 5 needs any ‘shining up’, so to speak…
But what the heck! Metallic treatments ALL AROUND!

Should we introduce an ENTIRELY new Disney piece at SDCC?
Should we? Should we? Huh? Huh?
You know I can’t say no to you…
From the video game Epic Mickey – OSWALD!
Looking rather good for an 86 year old rabbit. ;)

Don’t forget…
Tomorrow’s reveal. Epic.
See you in three days! WOW!
Funko Booth #5343

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