SDCC Exclusives – 6th Peek


I know I promised an INSANE reveal today…
And believe me, there is enough Marvel & Hello Kitty on here to make your head explode.
BUT…I do have a secret piece on the bottom of this email…
There have been some tiny delays in the reveal of this item.
My fingers are crossed that you WILL see this email tomorrow during Preview Night!
Please cross your fingers too. Thanks.

Regardless – the secret piece WILL be the giveaway this week!

This piece will go to one lucky winner (and I mean LUCKY!)…that winner will be announced Thursday night!
Marvel Madness
Unmasked…We love the handsome faces!

Metallic…We also love shiny things!

 I mean…We SERIOUSLY love shiny things!
Hello Kitty – Sanrio
These fuzzy flocked Kitties are DARLING!
  Bright colors…Shiny things…Head still in tact?
Oh…And don’t forget to visit the Sanrio Booth #4537…
The ONLY place you can pick up the lovely little Pink variant!!
Secret piece time…
Oh My Goooooodness, I want you all to see this in all it’s glory!
I swear I do!
Remember, cross your fingers for a Wednesday night reveal!

We have NEVER done anything like it…EVER, EVER!

Watch our Twitter and FB for the contest to win this Mystery Piece.
You won’t want to miss out on that opportunity!
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Funko Booth #5343

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