SDCC: Transformers Panel Reveals


This afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, the Transformers team held a panel celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand. Some of what was revealed in the panel includes:
1) New Transformers Construct-Bots, including the first Construct-Bots in the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters style.
2) New Transformers Generations toys, celebrating different incarnations of the Transformers brand from throughout its 30-year history.
3) The first 10 items in the Thirlling 30, 30 limited edition toys, available at various locations worldwide, that celebrate the 30th anniversary.
4) The first talking Bumblebee toy for Transformers Prime, Transformers Weaponizers Bumblebee, to celebrate the first time Bumblebee talks in an upcoming episode of Transformers Prime Beasthunters (a clip from the episode, featuring voice actor Will Friedle, was shown during this morning’s Transformers animation panel.)
5) The reveal of the winner of the Fan Built Bot poll, which asked fans to help create a brand new Transformers character to celebrate the 30th anniversary. The winner was a black and red female Autobot jet named Windblade. A design image of her can be found on the FTP.
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