Blind Ferret & Josh Adams Present: In The Garden of Steven

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Blind Ferret Entertainment and Josh Adams, son of living comics legend Neal Adams, are pleased to announce the debut of “In the Garden of Steven,” an ongoing comic, written and drawn by Josh Adams, with colors by Luis Antonio Delgado and letters by Brandon DeStefano.

The first 20 pages can be viewed and read online now at New pages are being posted each week, with 1 new page going up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The comic stars Steve Morrison, an aimless young man who has just woken up in the most mysterious of places, the Garden of Eden. How did he get there? Why is he there? Who…and what is there with him? Befriending Adam and Eve, Steve finds that the pair is not as everyone imagined and having to accept his predicament sends him on an adventure through the supernatural Garden and through his own past.

“In the Garden of Steven” is a weird and wild mash up of pop culture, parodying and honoring television, video games, comics and literature, all the while telling a humorous and ongoing story, as only Josh Adams could dream up. And since its set in the Garden of Eden, things of course do get Biblical (including a fair amount of nudity – viewer discretion advised!).

“I wanted to tell a story about how ridiculous we all are,” said Adams, “but rather than just tell you a story about a bunch of people I decided to take us on a journey in the most unlikely of locations where our characters are all the antithesis of what they believe a person to be. Of course, that’s not all. There will be all sorts of surprises to constantly change the dynamic on our readers. Comfort is not going to be found here.”

“With the ridiculous and sometimes absurd amount of content out there in all forms these days, it’s rare to get a pitch that’s actually new,” said Ryan Sohmer, co-founder and VP Creative Director of Blind Ferret. “It’s refreshing and scary at the same time. As a publisher, I’m excited about where Garden of Steven will go. As a reader, more so.”

So get into The Garden of Steven every first, third and fifth day of the week…and then on the seventh day you can rest.

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