Hot Toys & Action City at STGCC this weekend

The STGCC event is coming in just 2 days!

Fans must be eager to know what are going on display at the event.

Apart from the life-size Hall of Armor, fans can expect to see a tremendous collection brought to you by Hot Toys.

Here are some highlights of the event that will be shown at the STGCC event for the first time:

– Latest Hot Toys 1/6th scale Collectible Figures and prototype firstly unveiled in Singapore

– Iron Man 3 holographic displays featuring the Tony Stark Collectible Figure and Hall of Armor animation, as well as featuring the Mark VII Collectible with Armors Assemble animation

– Hall of Armor Wall revisiting the scene of Iron Man 3

– Diorama of “Avengers Assemble at Shawarma” and “The Banishment of Thor”

– Mark VII Collectible Armors Assemble

As fans all know, Hot Toys’ Collectible Figures really capture the characters’ likeness and it makes it extra special when the actors and film producers themselves are also a fan of their own figure. At STGCC, visitors can see in person Hot Toys’ The Avengers Collectible Figures autographed by the cast from the movie.

In addition to the above attractions, we know that some fans are looking forward to see something “big” at the event and by “big” we don’t just mean 1/4th scale. We are pleased to be showing the golden life-size Midas (Mark XXI) statue for the first time at Singapore as well as the life-size Hall of Armor.

Fans don’t miss out this chance to see some awesome showcases there!

Hot_Toys_STGCC_2013_Preview 1._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_Life-size_Mark_XXI_Statue 2._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_Life-size_Hall_of_Armor 3._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_Hologram_featuring_Tony_Stark 4._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_Hologram_featuring__Mark_VII 5._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_1_to_6_scale_Hall_of_Armor_Wall 6._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_Avengers_Assemble_at_Shawarma_diorama 7._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_The_Banishment_of_Thor_diorama 8._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_The_Avengers_Series_Autographed_by_Movie_Cast 9._Hot_Toys_booth_@_STGCC_Iron_Man_3_Mark_VII_Collectible_Armors_Assemble

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