Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Collectible Bust Series

Hot Toys Collectible Busts have been a popular collector’s item and we are proud to present the all new 1/6th scale Collectible Busts Series. To start off this collection, we are introducing the Mark XLII, Iron Patriot, War Machine Mark II, Heartbreaker (Mark XVII), Tank (Mark XXIV), Blue Steel (Mark XXX), and Silver Centurion (Mark XXXIII) from the Summer blockbuster – Iron Man 3.

For a limited time, fans who pre-order the set of 7 will have the chance to own the exclusive Mark XLII (Battle Damaged Version) and all 8 Collectible Busts will come as a Deluxe Set.

Each Collectible Bust is presented in fine sculpture, highlighting the light-up functions and metallic colored painting on armor.

Hot Toys – HTB14-20 – Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Collectible Bust Series

~ Collectible Bust Series ~

Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Collectible Bust series’ special features:

Designs inclusive: 8 unique designs


– Metallic colored painting on armor
– Approximately 4.5 inches / 11.6 cm tall
– LED-lighted eyes and chest (white light, battery operated)
– Circular-shaped bust stand featuring the Iron Man 3 movie logo

Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR1 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR2 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR3 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR4 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR5 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR6 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR7 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR8 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR9 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR10 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR11 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR12 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR13 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR14 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR15 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR16 Hot_Toys_-_Iron_Man_3_-_Collectible_Bust_Series_PR17

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

**Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

**Battery included for collectible bust, button cells are required

Release date: Q4, 2013 – Q1, 2014

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