It’s Time for a Mega-Sized Marvel Select Photo Contest!

X-Men2Diamond Select’s flagship action figure line, Marvel Select, has been around for 11 years, and in that time they’ve put out some pretty good-looking toys. But while the toys look good on their own, once you add dynamic poses, dramatic lighting and realistic environments, they look incredible! To honor the amateur photographers who make the Marvel Select line look even better with their amazing pictures, DST is holding a photo contest specifically for the Marvel Select line!

The grand prize will include:

  • a rare variant Genis-Vell Captain Marvel figure (in-package)
  • a Don Cheadle-signed Iron Man 2 War Machine figure (in-package)
  • a prototype Fearsome Foes of Spider-Man Gift Set, with Spider-Man, Green Goblin, an unpainted blue Lizard prototype and an unpainted grey Agent Venom prototype (in mock-up packaging)
  • an unpainted all-black Venom prototype (with all parts)

CaptMarvel WMBack BoxSetProto VenomProto

The runner-up will receive:

  • a production Fearsome Foes of Spider-Man Gift Set (in-package)
  • an unpainted brown Green Goblin prototype (with glider)

Spider-Man_FearsomeFoesBox GGProto

The second runner-up will win:

  • a pre-production Unleashed Hulk in test packaging (in this case, Deadpool packaging)
  • an unpainted brown Amazing Spider-Man prototype (with wall base)

Hulk1 ASMProto

The photos will be judged on a mix of pose, lighting, composition, complexity and innovation. Any Marvel Select figure, base or accessory made in the past 11 years can be used for the contest, and the photo can involve as few or as many figures and accessories as needed. No customization of figures is allowed, and no figures or accessories from other toy lines will be allowed in the photo. Digital effects beyond color adjustment (saturation, hue, etc.) are not allowed; no word balloons, energy blasts or Photoshopped elements. Photos must be at least 576 by 720 pixels.

Entries should be sent to by midnight EST on September 1. Include your name, mailing address and phone number. One entry will be allowed per person, and the photo cannot have been submitted to any past DST-sponsored photo contest, or been recognized in any non-DST photo contest. Photo must be shot and owned by the entrant. By submitting your photo, you give us permission to use the photo in print and digital advertising, on packaging, as well as in online promotions. Entry is open to photographers in all countries.

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