Comic Review: Swamp Thing #23 (DC Comics)


Being as fanatic about Swamp Thing as I am, I can say this with some confidence: Swamp Thing is at it’s best when it is a horror book…back to its roots (if you will forgive the pun). Swamp Thing #23 by Charles Soule and Kano delivers the fear! The conclusion of The Whisky Tree pits Swamp Thing against a power-drunk (literally) John Constantine in an eerie confrontation.

I have enjoyed every issues of Swamp Thing since the launch of DC’s New 52 but these Soule/Kano issues stand out even amongst the best and the brightest. The horror of a town gone mad, the suspense of Swamp Thing returning home to a message by the Seeder, and the mystery surrounding said Seeder all had my on the edge of my seat the entire read. I also love seeing the creative, botanical ways that Swamp Thing handles his problems. For it’s creative writing and it’s horrifying art I give Swamp Thing #23 5 poppies out of 5!

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