Movie Review: The Wolverine (20th Century Fox)


The X-men franchise has had it’s ups and downs. The first X-men movie broke ground for superhero films with its special effects, its spot-on casting, and its ability to embrace this strange and colorful nature of the characters. Bryan Singer’s vision came together masterfully and at just the right moment. X2 raised the bar even more and is considered one of the most regarded comic book films. Unfortunately, with Singer’s departure (to direct the wildly unpopular Superman Returns), X3 suffered. I sloppy plot, poorly represented characters, and unnecessary deaths made fans rage and box office numbers drop drastically. X-men Origins: Wolverine was only slightly better than X3…but that certainly isn’t saying much. So I was pleasantly surprised that The Wolverine is a FAR better Wolverine film that somehow embraces its muddy past while doing a great job of standing alone.

The Wolverine opens with the titular character living on his own in his regret over his past (perhaps symbolic of the film history?). He is haunted by nightmares of the things that he has done. The end even deals with him being willing to accept the terrible things he has done and move forward to be the hero that he was always meant to be. I could be looking too much into this but I felt like their was definitely some symbolism their about how much Hugh Jackman regrets X3.

The film stays exciting and action packed most of his journey (to Tokyo and back) without lacking in story. There are a few plot points that don’t totally make sense, especially one involving a robotic bug being planted in Logan’s heart. Over all though, the movie is really good! The acting is better than most X-men films and the visual effects are vastly superior to those in the first wolverine film. Perhaps the best part of the movie comes AFTER the movie has ended. It might as well have been the first five minutes of X-men: Days of the Future Past. I will give The Wolverine 4 out of 6 claws!

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