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Coming this month from Marvel Knights Animation and Shout! Factory is Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.  It is the retelling of the 6 issue miniseries from the Marvel Universe’s Earth-1610 in […]

Coming this month from Marvel Knights Animation and Shout! Factory is Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.  It is the retelling of the 6 issue miniseries from the Marvel Universe’s Earth-1610 in motion comic animation written by Damon Lindelof  (co-creator Lost) with art by Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Superman: Birthright). The story is the ultimate version of Wolverine versus the ultimate version of the Hulk (made coming up with a title a breeze).   It has Nick Fury, Betty Ross, Logan, and of course the Hulk.

Not sure its right I think she's sexy.

Not sure its right that I think she’s sexy.

I was jazzed (yes, I said jazzed) to read fellow Fanboy Factor contributor, Your Friendly Neighborhood Jman’s review of Wolverine: Origin motion comic.  Marvel has lagged way behind DC in the animation department but if motion comics is their niche and brings stories from their universe to my television, then I’m all for it. It also helps that motion comic animation has been a bit of an obsession with me (like Bruno’s white pizza with the big hunks of garlic and the grease oozing from every hole of the molten cheese that…I have digressed, right off of a cliff).  I’ve sat through 12 “issues” of the Watchmen motion comic and fan made animations like Superman: Red Son and Planet Hulk.  I love watching traditional cartoons with traditional animation but the break from the norm is welcomed especially if you have already read the comics that are now moving sparingly on your television.

The Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk DVD breaks each issue of the comic in to their own episodes which I think makes sense since it is not a traditionally animated movie.  What I didn’t enjoy was having to fast forward through the opening and closing credits with each episode even after hitting ‘Play All’ (a minor annoyance to be sure but one that kept coming up for 6 episodes). I also thought the Bonus Features could have been more extensive.  Sure we got a chance to hear from Leinil Francis Yu and hear about the process but I would have liked a little more from a DVD that is going to retail for around $10 depending on where you shop for it.  Maybe a feature about the history of Wolverine versus Hulk (you know, like that time when Marvel introduced Wolverine)?  Origins and history of each character? Original artwork from artists past and present?  Something else jammed in there to merely create the illusion Marvel wants to put out the best for their fans and not just collect the money we will inevitably shell out for their products?  I wouldn’t mind laying out more money for something like that.

Motion comics are like books on tape only chock full of more awesomeness.  You have to readjust your eyes to configure them to watch mouths moving and nothing else and limited animation but once you can get past that, the story flows.  They are, and this DVD is no exception, a great answer to the question, “wouldn’t it be awesome if they turned this story in to a movie or cartoon or something?” The story definitely does contain a mature element (I turned it off when my 8 year old saw the Hulk tear Wolverine in half) which may be a little too intense or not quite appropriate for younger



viewers.  The only thing that would keep me from waxing on more about how sweet this DVD was would be the lack of extras/bonus material. Otherwise, I did enjoy Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk and if you have seen other motion comics or are looking to see what this is all about, then you won’t be disappointed with the newest entry to Marvel’s motion comic library.

Marvel Knights Animation’s ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK DVD will be available nationwide on September 10, 2013 from Shout! Factory.

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