he LINKIN PARK SOUNDWAVE TRANSFORMERS Figure Launches Today as Part of the Brand’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

Premier global branded play company, Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and world renowned rock band, LINKIN PARK, released a special edition action figure of the TRANSFORMERS character SOUNDWAVE today at the SURU store in Los Angeles, C.A. The LINKIN PARK SOUNDWAVE TRANSFORMERS action figure also marks the first celebrity designed TRANSFORMERS figure in the brand’s 30-year history.

LINKIN PARK is no stranger to the ‘MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE’ brand having provided songs for three TRANSFORMERS movie soundtracks and with members of the band growing up as fans of the ‘ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.” Joe Hahn of LINKIN PARK, worked closely with TRANSFORMERS designers at Hasbro, and has been a life-long TRANSFORMERS fan and collector.

Linkin Park photo by  Parvez Satter Linkin Park Soundwave Accessories 1 Linkin Park Soundwave Alt Mode 1 Linkin Park Soundwave Alt Mode Complete Linkin Park Soundwave Package 3 Linkin Park Soundwave Robot Mode Complete Linkin Park Soundwave Robot Mode

“I grew up playing with TRANSFORMERS toys in the 1980’s and still collect TRANSFORMERS figures to this day,” said Hahn. “As a fan, providing music for the movie soundtracks and creating a LINKIN PARK inspired TRANSFORMERS action figure is beyond any fan’s dream come true.”

The LINKIN PARK special edition figure is in the “Generation 1” or “G1” style of the fan favorite SOUNDWAVE TRANSFORMERS character, features a gold deco treatment and is packaged in a unique cassette tape-inspired box. “LINKIN PARK chose the SOUNDWAVE character in the ‘G1’ style for his retro-appeal,” Hahn continued. “In the original animated series from the 80’s, SOUNDWAVE converts into a tape deck, has cassette tapes as minions and battles the AUTOBOTS with blasts of sound; he was an easy choice to represent our band.”

“LINKIN PARK are best in class, iconic musicians and we consider them part of the TRANSFORMERS team,” said Jay Duke, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, Hasbro. “The TRANSFORMERS brand is thrilled to have LINKIN PARK be one of the first celebrities to inspire a TRANSFORMERS action figure. The LINKIN PARK collaboration is an exciting part of the TRANSFORMERS 30th anniversary celebration.”

SURU will be the exclusive retailer for this special edition action figure beginning today at the SURU store in Los Angeles and online at www.suru-la.com through October 3rd. TRANSFORMERS fans can keep up with all of the latest brand news including the 30th Anniversary on the official TRANSFORMERS Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Transformers.

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