Comic Review: Invincible #105 (Image)






Having finished dealing with Angstrom Levy, the evil that seems to never leave him, Mark Grayson is taking this time to finish catching up with his family and friends before he is whisked away on another brutal adventure. This issue takes place almost directly after the events of “Invincible” #104 and sees the aftermath that certain events in the past few issues have caused. We catch up with Mark and Eve as they are preparing for the biggest adventure of their lives: Parenthood. We, also, find out what kind of man Nolan truly is when the final verdict for General Thragg is carried out. Nolan and Deborah are still dealing with having been exiled on the moon because of recent events and we catch up with Rex and the rest of the Guardians of the Globe.


This issue is a nice return to form that Kirkman is always so good at giving us after a big story arch. I wasn’t a huge fan of how the last issue ended (mainly because Angstrom Levy is my favorite “Invinci-villain”), but this issue really made it seem like my worries have not gone unheard. It was chock full of cool little moments between Mark and Eve, Nolan and Deborah, and even Rex and Amanda.

I really enjoyed the sort of “Well-that-just-happened” feel this issue took. It’s always nice to have a little breather in between these big story arc’s and this issue did just that. Not only did this issue whet my pallet for the down home feel that I love about “Invincible”, it gave me the return of my favorite character in the series. I won’t spoil who I’m talking about, but I definitely hope that Kirkman keeps bringing this character back.

Overall, this issue was a good read. It wasn’t full of gory action, but it was full of these little moments that are needed to make sure this universe stays as whole as it possibly can be. This issue is definitely worth a read!

4/5 (based on a 5/5 scale. 1 being “bad” and 5 being “awesome”)

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