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New Animated Shorts

Airing Saturday, September 14

10:00 a.m. ET/PT On Cartoon Network

“Aardman – DC’s Worlds Funnest”


'Beware the Batman'- Cartoon Network Sizzle Reel (1).mp4 005“Allies”

New Episode

Airs Saturday, September 14

10:00 A.M. on Cartoon Network


BtB_345_928_Still01 BtB_345_928_Still02 BtB_345_928_Still03 BtB_345_928_Still04 BtB_345_928_Still05


Tobias Whale (MICHAEL LEON WOOLEY) is the most powerful gangster in Gotham City, and, after years of trying, Batman just got the evidence to put him away. But Whale is not going to be harpooned easily. After his lawyer tells Lieutenant Gordon to free Whale or else, the gangster has Barbara Gordon (TARA STRONG) kidnapped and held in “The Cauldron,” the most dangerous part of Gotham. Even the cops are afraid of this place, but not Batman. With Alfred and Katana’s help, they stage a raid on the Cauldron, which is populated by a frightening group of thugs called “the Ghosts.” As it turns out, the Ghosts aren’t the most fearsome threat. Barbara Gordon is being guarded by a dangerous figure with a flaming head, who calls himself Phosphorous Rex.

ttg-logo-big-1200“Colors of Raven”

New Episode

Airs Wednesday, September 18

7:30 P.M. on Cartoon Network


TTG_ep25_ColorsOfRaven_Still01 TTG_ep25_ColorsOfRaven_Still02 TTG_ep25_ColorsOfRaven_Still03


A mysterious prism creates five Ravens, each of a different color and with a different aspect of her personality. The Ravens disrupt life in the Tower so much that the others decide to use the crystal to put them back together again. But first they have to catch them.


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