New from Gentle Giant Ltd. for September 2013!

Here’s what’s new from Gentle Giant for September 2013. We’ve got two exciting new items this month, both from our Star Wars Jumbo Vintage Figure line. One of them was the talk of SDCC.

– Stormtrooper Life Sized Vintage Monument – That’s right! We’re actually going to sell the 6’ tall Kenner-inspired Stormtrooper monument that was on display at Comic Con this year! This exciting articulated monument will include a scaled blaster accessory.

– Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear) Jumbo Vintage Figure – No Jumbo Vintage figure collection would be complete without the Rebel Soldier in Hoth Battle Gear. The heroic opposite to last month’s Imperial Snowtrooper figure, casual collectors and completionists alike will be eager to add this figure to their armies.

Stormtrooper Life Size Vintage Monument – $2,300
License: Star Wars
Item Number: 80367
UPC: 8-71810-01034-9
Dimensions: H 6’ D 26” W 14”
Release Date: Q3 2014

Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the latest addition to their line of popular life-sized monuments with the life-sized Kenner-inspired Stormtrooper Monument! Digitally scanned from an authentic mint-condition 3 ¾” action figure and reproduced to a staggering SIX FEET tall, this articulated monument also includes an authentic re-scaled replica blaster accessory! A stunning centerpiece for any true collector’s display, this limited edition hand-painted monument includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear) Kenner-inspired Jumbo Figure – $85
License: Star Wars
Item Number: 80311
UPC: 8-71810-01035-6
Dimensions: H 12” D 5” W 2.5”
Release Date: Q3 2014

HothRebelSoldierKenner HothSoldierPackagingConcept
Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant continues on with our exciting line of vintage Star Wars action figure reproductions with the second figure from the Battle of Hoth cycle – the Rebel Soldier Vintage Kenner-inspired Jumbo Figure!

Digitally scanned from mint 3 3/4” Kenner originals and reproduced in scale to the rest of the jumbo Kenner line. Nothing has been overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this fully-articulated jumbo figure includes a faithfully reproduced Bespin blaster.

That’s not all, this Kenner-inspired creation comes packaged on a 1980 The Empire Strikes Back blister card, featuring original front artwork in a re-sealable plastic outer clam shell to help protect and display!

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