2013 was the first (and apparently, the last) year that I became a member of the Mattycollector’s “Club Infinite Earth” subscription based club. I say “the last” because if you haven’t already heard, all signs seem to point that Mattel won’t be running the DC inspired club anymore, based off the fact that not enough people signed up for 2014.

huntress box

Over the last few months, I’ve read all the arguments, pro and con, for the club.  Speaking personally, the club didn’t do much for me one way or the other.  The price of the figures (with the cost of the shipping) was kind of a hard sell to me, especially for the figures that were offered.

Freddy?  Really?  I still haven't taken out of the box he was shipped in.
Freddy? Really? I still haven’t taken out of the box he was shipped in.

I’m not about getting really obscure figures.  And some of the characters offered in the club I felt were “meh”, at best.  There’s a ton of other characters I’d like to see in plastic before, say, Freddy Freeman.  Hell, I’d rather have an “evil” Mary Marvel figure before Freddy, if were staying in the Shazam family.

hubba hubba
hubba hubba

But…I’m not really here to argue the merits of the club.  Rather, I’ve gathered you all here today to marvel (as it were) at this awesomely righteous Huntress figure from said Club Infinite Earth.

Mattycollector/Mattel did a bang up job on this figure, top to bottom.  I’m not one to go on and on about paint application and such, but the attention to detail in this figure is, well…impressive.  Right down to the silver butt of her gun.

huntress gun

She’s almost as good a figure as DC Direct’s Huntress from the Batman Hush line a few years ago.  I recently repurchased that Huntress figure.  If I wasn’t such a fan of the Hush book and those figures, I would’ve totally passed on buying her again and went with Mattel’s version.


I would say that if you too were in the market for a Huntress figure and didn’t want to shell the bucks out for DC Direct’s long out of production figure, Mattel’s version is a nice substitute.


The key to that last statement, though is “I would say…”.  Unfortunately, if you haven’t yet picked her up, she’s sold out.  So, whether it’s DC Direct or Mattycollector, you’ll be paying some money for her on the secondary market.


And, I probably shouldn’t have opened her either.  The things I do for my craft.

huntress close

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