Toy Review: Marvel Minimates Series 51: Marvel Now (Diamond Select)

Mimimates5122Another series of Marvel Minimates. Another happy me!!

I just love these little guys, and the figures just keep getting better and better. This time around, Diamond Select’s latest wave is based off the Marvel Now event that’s going on in comics. This series is the first half of the Marvel Now minimates, with the other half as a Toy R Us exclusive (Marvel Minimates Series 16). It’s pretty much a speciality store exclusive, for the most part, but is still availible to purchase directly from Diamond, which you can find HERE.

Series 51 includes 4 2-pack with the assortment:

  • Nick Fury Jr. & Heavy SHIELD Agent
  • Maria Hill & Heavy SHIELD Agent
  • Superior Spider-Man & Nova
  • Shanna & Reaper

One of the main thing that just jumps out at me is once again the inclusion of figure stands. You have no clue how much I appreciate this stand. Amazing how something the size of a quarter makes me so happy.

Now the breakdown of the 2 packs:

Nick Fury Jr. & Heavy SHIELD Agent


Fury Jr is pretty much the Ultimate Nick Fury in the regular Marvel Universe (Universe 616). The character is the bastard child of the original Nick Fury. He comes with a gun for an accessory. Personally I truly despise this character. It was a BS move on Marvel’s part to get rid of the old Nick Fury, so they could have one that movie accurate. But the great part is, Diamond took this into account!! They figured people would really hate this guy, so he comes with accessories to transform him into Commander Steve Rogers, when he gave up being Captain America for a while. THANK YOU!! Rogers comes with an energy shield for an accessory that can be attached to his wrist. For me all those Fury Jr part are going right in the fodder bin. So don’t be turned off by Fury Jr being on the box. You can change him.

Mimimates5104 Mimimates5105 Mimimates5106

For the Heavy SHIELD Agent, they aren’t whistling Dixie here. Diamond threw everything here, including the kitchen sink. The amount the accessories he comes with is just insane. Knife, handgun, heavy machine gun, helmet, vest,  and a jet pack with a mount to simulate the flying action. The helmet and vest are removable, so you can put on hair and a shoulder harness for the gun. Plus a ankle hostler for the knife. Because of all the accessories, there are so many different combinations that can be done here. Display him any way you want, because if you get bored, you can change it up.

Mimimates5107 Mimimates5108 Mimimates5109 Mimimates5110

Now there’s another 2 pack that comes with Maria Hill instead of Fury Jr. The Heavy SHIELD agent is also included with her.


Superior Spider-Man & Nova


For those of you that are unfamiliar with Superior Spider-Man, let me quickly summarize it. Pretty much, Doctor Octopus’ brain was transferred into Spider-Man’s body. Yeah, I’m confused too, but don’t let that stop you. The Spider-Man costume here has had minor alterations from the classic one. The colors are a little darker. The arm stripes have been removes. And the eyes are more of a goggle shape. This costume is pretty much the same one in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Spider-Man comes with a web-line that he can hang from. And there’s also an action stand. This way, you can pose Spider-Man in various leaping poses.

Mimimates5111 Mimimates5112 Mimimates5113 Mimimates5114

Nova in this pack isn’t the one most of us are familiar with. This Nova is a new one named Sam Alexander. Sam is also from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. When the character was introduced in the comics I wasn’t a fan, but something about having him in a figure form really makes the costume pop. Diamond really did an amazing job with the sculpt and colors. Nova really just stands out here. The helmet is removable and has a hair accessory. And there’s also a flight stand to simulate Nova flying.

Mimimates5115 Mimimates5116 Mimimates5117

Shanna & Reaper


The characters in this 2 pack come from the first story arc in Savage Wolverine.

Shanna is displayed in bikini. Very scantily clad, not that I have a problem with that. Loving the loin cloth here. She comes with a knife and spear. Plus a sheath for the knife. Short simple and sweet. But Shanna is a character long time deserving the Minimate treatment.


Reaper is a creature of the Savage Land, that looks similar to the X-Men villain, Sauron. Diamond did an amazing job here. Reaper barely even looks like a Minimate. Head, wings, legs and tail. Just an amazing job.

Mimimates5119 Mimimates5120

All in all, just another great Minimate series here. Diamond keeps outdoing themselves.

Marvel Minimates Series 51 is in stores now.

Thanks to Diamond Select for providing the Minimates.

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