TwoMorrows’ Back Issue #68 time-travels with the Legion of Super-Heroes

BI24_COVTwoMorrows Publishing (the leading publisher of books and magazines for comics fans) jumps ahead to the 30th Century, as BACK ISSUE magazine looks “back” at the history of DC Comics’ futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes stories published in the 1970s and ’80s. The issue is currently available for immediate shipping from TwoMorrows’ website (, and will be on sale at comic book retailers worldwide on on September 18.

BACK ISSUE #68 features articles and spotlights on topics including:

• The Legion’s rise to prominence in the ’70s
• The fan-favorite Legion of the ’80s
• The Legion’s Honored Dead
• The Cosmic Boy miniseries
• A Time Trapper history
• The New Adventures of Superboy
• Plus a PAUL LEVITZ interview, and a Legion fantasy cover gallery by JOHN WATSON.

The issue is 84 full-color pages with an $8.95 cover price, and includes work by futuristic faves CARY BATES, DAVE COCKRUM, GERRY CONWAY, ERNIE COLON, KEITH GIFFEN, MIKE GRELL, JIM JANES, PAUL KUPPERBERG, GREG LaROCQUE, STEVE LIGHTLE, KURT SCHAFFENBERGER, JAMES SHERMAN, JOE STATON, CURT SWAN, MARK WAID, and others, with a classic Dave Cockrum cover reimagining Amazing World of DC Comics #9. Back Issue is edited by MICHAEL EURY.

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