If you have not yet had a chance to see the Season 2 premier of Arrow entitled City Of Heroes, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR! No seriously, it was that good! I promised the editor that I would make this review “Spoiler Free”, but let me tell you that it will be hard!  Let us just call this an observation for arguments sake.  I must warn you that I will be dropping a few reveals, so you have been WARNED! 


     For myself, I see this as the actual “launching point” for Warner Brothers and DC’s Cinematic Universe. Yes,  we did recently get blessed with the awesome MAN OF STEEL this past June. Remember though, that movie was a test to see if WB would continue into the DC World of movies and television. Of course it was an amazing success and from that defining point, they decided to expand the world of ARROW and make it and Man Of Steel’s world the one in the same universe. That being said, Arrow’s producers/writers, Warner Brothers and DC Comics have already shown they are not f^&%ing around! By the end of last night’s season opener, I was flabbergasted! My arms were raised in victory and my wife was shaking her head and telling me I was “mentally challenged”! I brushed it off as most husbands will do, and sat back thinking,”they have just turned a one-way street into a multi-lane highway”!

     When the show started, they reminded us that Deathstroke will still be around with one of the most historical and amazing shots in DC Television revisited,  with his signature Orange/black(blue) mask still guarding the beach with an arrow stuck through it’s right eye hole. From there, the season’s tone was set. We will be seeing a dark and serious season that will also play on moral responsibilities. It is hard for me to not go into exactly what happened from there on out, so I am going to continue and express my favorite standout moments.


     If you have been following all the news that has been released up to last night, then you know the scarlet speedster aka THE FLASH, will be gracing the screen very soon. This was a shock to many since this world was suppose to be free of  “meta-humans”. That is no longer the case! Even though we didn’t (at least I think we didn’t)  receive a nod to Snyder’s Superman, we did get treated to some wicked moments! I will name a few as not to ruin it for those who have yet to see it!


1. ROY HARPER – Episode 1: City Of Heroes defined that this kid is earning his stripes in best way possible. Getting his training on the street! Guggenheim is writing this character perfectly! This kid has no fear, is pig-headed, determined and somewhat wreckless! Everything we would want in RED ARROW/ARSENAL! The show even hinted that next week’s episode will have Ollie noticing Roy even more. Could this begin the sidekick relationship we all are dying to see?! Roy has a huge heart and that of course got him into trouble as well with a group of 3 thugs. Just as they were about unleash a can of whoop-ass on him, BOOM! —————————————->


2. BLACK CANARY – When Roy looks up, all he sees is the bone shattering blonde in black leather going ape-shit all of these guys! She moved liked lightning and brought the pain with what seemed like a staff! She was done before she even started! She quickly jumped up on a low wall and looked back at the startled Roy as he let out, “Who are you!?” She then turned and jumped out of sight. The best part is that they added a high pitched noise as she disappeared. Sonic Scream anyone?


3. OLIVER MCQUEEN – In the first season, we saw a pissed off and revenge seeking vigilante. Season 2 will be giving us a Super Hero that no longer needs to kill to make his point! There are examples of this all through out the show, BUT my favorite above all of them is when he gets done saying that he is going to “try a different approach” and then shoots an arrow into a building high up that pulls him from the ground and into the shadows of the night! That is right! TRICK / TECK ARROWS!! Finally! This was my first outburst of joy with my “victory” arms! Of course, it was also my wife’s look of “I married this man?!” Oh well!


4. THE NAME CHANGE – This was the biggest tease of the night! Ollie no longer wants to be known as The Hood or The Vigilante. He wants to be called and be known as ________________! Exactly! LOL they still have not said Arrow or GREEN ARROW!! From this picture, you can see it will be one of the two. Green Arrow is must in my opinion!


     Those 4 examples were my absolute favorite highlights from last night. There were others, like the new and improved hideout and a custom bad ass bow. All I can say is take a look at the picture above. I am so amped that WB/DC are taking their franchises seriously and have hired actors who are doing the same. These actors and actresses have bought into their roles and it is evident by the hard work they have all put into their bodies! It is always a great feeling when you see this kind of dedication. Unfortunately, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has a bunch of soft powder-puff looking actors gracing their show. That though, is a subject for another day! Thank you as always for reading and DO NOT  FORGET watch next week’s Episode 2 when we will get a real first live look at THE LEAGUE OF ASSASSINS with CHINA WHITE and BRONZE TIGER! Onward The DC Cinematic Universe expands! Good Times Indeed! :-)