Diamond’s PREVIEWS Feature Exclusive Sofubi Batman Characters

SofubiPREVIEWS Features Exclusive Sofubi Collectible Figures

Batman and Joker get first treatment in new line of figures from Japan

Premiering in the Diamond Comic Distributor’s October PREVIEWS catalog is a new line of exclusive collectible, soft vinyl figures, known in Japan as Sofubi. The first Sofubi items from Medicom Toy and sculpted by Bear Model, feature Batman & the Joker, and can be pre-ordered now at your local comic book specialty shop, with a scheduled release in stores of late February, 2014.

Diamond’s Brand Manager for Import toys, Jesse Morgan, provided some insight into the world of sofubi toys. “The material these “Sofubi” figures are made from is a softer vinyl that is lighter and more pliable than other vinyl. It allows more detail to come through in the design and makes each toy feel unique. Some might say it relates only to non-licensed monster or robot toys made in this style. We’re using it in the fashion that I first heard it; as a catch-all, regardless of license.”

These DC Sofubi collectibles will be available in the US exclusively through PREVIEWS, as Diamond works closely with Japanese manufacturers to take successful American licenses and create them anew in Sofubi vinyl.

“What we’re hoping to do is provide excellent reproductions of classic sofubi at a low price to collectors, as well as gain new fans by working with our Japanese partners to translate great Western licenses into this format,” continued Morgan. “Usually these hard-to-come by figures are very rare due to their artistic quality and hand- crafted designs.”

The DC Heroes Sofubi Batman Figure (Item Code: OCT132096, SRP: $79.99) is a PREVIEWS Exclusive item standing at 9 ¾ in. tall, and comes with a removable facemask, showing off Bruce Wayne’s identity. The DC Heroes Sofubi Joker Figure (Item Code: OCT132097, SRP: $79.99) is also 9 ¾ in. tall and made from Sofubi, while holding to the iconic look of the Joker through dress and facial features. This hero and villain pair have been upgraded with a new material and paint design, making them more like works of art and a great find for collectors.

Both DC Sofubi Hero figures are featured in the October PREVIEWS catalog on page 457 and can be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop. The figures are scheduled to release in late February, 2014.
• PREVIEWS Exclusive DC Hero Sofubi Batman (Item Code: OCT132096, $79.99, page 457)
• PREVIEWS Exclusive DC Hero Sofubi Joker (Item Code: OCT132097, $79.99, page 457)

To ensure you get these exclusive Sofubi figures, pre-order them at your local comic book specialty shop. Find a local comic shop at www.comicshoplocator.com and start your Sofubi figures collection.

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