Diamond’s PREVIEWS October Catalog Features Exclusive Treasures

The Latest Toys and Collectibles from Tokyo’s Otaku Shopping District Available for the First Time in North America through Diamond

Diamond Comic Distributors is pleased to announce that it will showcase a variety of exclusive Japanese merchandise products being offered for the first time with its new and ongoing “Treasures from Akihabara” product program in PREVIEWS. Retailers and fans alike will find the newfound “treasures”— cool, with limited quantities of these Japanese collectibles based upon anime, manga, videogame, and toy properties—available for pre-order in the October PREVIEWS.

“The items we’re presenting are rare and unique finds, items never previously available here in North America. We’ve scoured the alleyways of Akihabara to find these products and expanded our relationships with our partners in Asia to become the official distributor of select items and make them available for the first time in comic book specialty shops,” said Diamond’s John Parker, Vice President of Business Development.

Retailers and fans can look for distinctive collectibles based upon Dragon Ball Z, Giant Gorg, Final Fantasy, 7th Dragon and much more to be offered over the coming months in the pages of PREVIEWS. Select items in the October catalog available for pre-order now are:

  • Giant Gorg: T-Rex Figure (Item Code: JUL138152, SRP: $549.99, page 450)
  • Starship Troopers: Mobile Infantry T-Rex Figure (Item Code: JUN138347, SRP: $179.99, page 450)
  • Black Rock Shooter: Strength Figma TV Animation Version (Item Code: JUN138351, SRP:$89.99, page 451)
  • 7th Dragon 2020: Hatsune Miku Type 2020 PVC Figure (Item Code: JUN138355, SRP: $169.99, page 451)
  • Dynamic Heroes: Koutetsu Jeeg Sofubi (Item Code: JUN138369, SRP:$169.99, page 450)
  • Other treasures include rare, collectible figures and wall scrolls.

“Many of these items are being offered to Asian and Western markets simultaneously, which means that collectors in the West will be able to experience the joy of discovering these wonderful items at the same time as their fellow collectors in Asia,” said Parker.

7th_Dragon2020 BlackRockShooter DynamicHeroesKoutetsuSofubi GiantGorg StarshipTroopers

The first “Treasures of Akihabara” can be found in Diamond’s October PREVIEWS catalog on pages 450 and 451 in the Import Toys section. Customers looking to pre-order these “treasures,” should contact their local comic shop retailer, or find a comic shop near them by visiting www.comicshoplocator.com. Retailers interested in purchasing these exclusive items for the first time are encouraged to contact Diamond’s New Accounts Department at newaccounts@diamondcomics.com or via phone at 443-318-8215.

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