TV Review: ARROW Season 2 – City Of Heroes (CW)

arrow2ndAt the end of last season, the earthquake device has devastated the lower income area in Starling City known as the Glades. And Oliver Queen has lost his friend Tommy Merlyn.

We open up in the new season, with very little progress to rebuild the Galdes. Laurel is know working for the DA’s office. Her father, Quentin Lance, has been demoted to a beat cop. Thea is running Oliver’s club. And Oliver himself is nowhere to be seen.

Diggle and Felicity manage to track down Oliver on the same island he spent 5 years on. Diggle and Felicity manage to convince Oliver to return to Starling City. Oliver has ran away from his problems to the place he was reborn. Oliver also has to take over the running of Queen Industries.

He returns to a hostile takeover of his family’s company by rival business woman Isabel Rochev (played wonderfully by Summer Glau). But before the negotiations can go through the meeting is interrupted by a group of armed hooded men calling themselves the Hoods. Diggle manages to fend them off, but this leaves Oliver questioning himself.  He realizes that he can’t be a vigilante, but needs to be a hero that people can look up to instead.

While all this is going on, Roy is still trying to be a hero. Still inspired by Oliver’s alter ego, but without the skill Oliver has. This upsets his girlfriend Thea. Roy is nearly beaten to a pulp when he’s saved by a certain blonde in a black leather outfit with fishnets.

Only one episode in and Arrow hasn’t lost any of the steam it gathered in Season 1. The producers don’t give the viewers a time to really grieve over what happened. They jump in full throttle.

I totally fell in love with ARROW at the beginning of season 1 and season 2 is shaping up to be awesome as well.

With any new show, there’s the chance of the second season being a sophomore slump. It’s clearly not the case with ARROW. And with the Flash appearing later this season, this isn’t a season to miss.

The show is kind of going off into a new direction, but the characters are still there. Oliver, vigilante or hero, still has the heart of a hunter.

ARROW season 2 premiers Wednesday October 9, at 8 PM EST.

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