Toy Review: Batman Arkham City Bane and Batman Two-pack (DC Collectibles)

One look around my basement and it is clear that I am a man-child. Marvel Legends, DCUC, Marvel Universe, Star Wars, TMNT, and a complete collection of Kenner Swamp Thing figures line the walls of my overwhelming Man Cave. I have a small section of DC Direct (now called DC Collectibles) but I don’t typically buy them because, while they look great, their articulation does not allow for much posing and I LOVE posing. So imagine my surprise when I opened one of the coolest Bane figures I have ever seen and he is also fairly posable.

DC Collectibles Bane v.s Batman two-pack is a very a impressive piece. Both figures still live up to that quality standard that DC Collectibles is known for while also having more articulation. Batman’s articulation is not as good as Bane’s but we will get back to that later. The figures come in the typical DC Collectibles  packaging, nothing spectacular there. Lets get right into the figures.

Batman looks great. The details in the sculpt are intricate and the paint and shading really bring the figure to life.


The articulation, while better than some of their older figures, still leaves some things to be desired. A simple ball-joint hip or even a hip pivot would do this Batman a world of good.  It seems like they are leaning that way with some of their upcoming figures. I am hoping that the New 52 Nightwing and New 52 Swamp Thing that are coming out soon have some of that wonderful articulation I am talking about as those are the DCC figures I am most looking forward to.


And while I love the way these figures look, I wish they were in scale with the DCUC figures. They are just a little too tall.


Bane is a beast! This figure rivals even the Marvel Select Juggernaut and Marvel Select Thing as one of the heaviest action figures I have ever held. He is massive!


And yet his articulation does not really suffer at all! This is the most posable DCC figure that I own to date and would love to see them all move this way in the future!


Over all these figures are great and ringing in at right around $55 for the pair, these figures won’t break you…your wallet OR your body!


Special thanks to DC Collectibles for providing us this review sample.

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