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…New York Comic Con’s where I lost my heart.  Toys, Toys, Toys.” I promise to all that’s good and holy, this is my last bit of coverage of NYCC. I […]

…New York Comic Con’s where I lost my heart.  Toys, Toys, Toys.”


I promise to all that’s good and holy, this is my last bit of coverage of NYCC. I know it’s been a month, I know there’s other coverage out there, but… it hasn’t been from your friendly neighborhood jman.  Ergo, it hasn’t been as good.  And…AND…this is the good stuff.  I saved the best for last.


nycc toys

Let’s not bicker over all this, ok?  You’re here…let’s just get this last bit of NYCC coverage over with, then go our separate ways.  Let’s just do it for the kids’ sake.

nycc organs


First up?  We’ve got these plush organs from  Stuff like this confuses me, yet amuses me, too.  Who’s buying these besides doctors/pediatricians and teachers?  I mean we all have our favorite body parts, but our favorite organs?

nycc organs

I mean, are you gonna buy your 5 year old a testes gland?   I’m sure the conversation would go down like thus:

“Here, sweetheart.  Look what daddy bought you!”

“Daddy…what’s a testes gland?”

“uhhh…maybe daddy should’ve bought you the heart of gold instead.”

nycc organs

In the organs defense, they are cute.  And each one had a clever tag line on it.  Clever.  Clever.  Clever.

nycc yes anime

Next up?  My favorite part of the whole day.  Yes! Anime’s display of Play Imaginative’s goodies.  Two words for ya:  How far is heaven?

nycc yes anime

So awesome!

nycc yes anime

Admittedly, I already rambled on about the Igor figure.  No need to repeat myself here.

Don’t get me wrong.  I can certainly wax poetic about it again if you like.  No?

nycc yes anime

Yes! Anime did have other figures on display beside Igor.  All of which were fairly awesome.  They had several 1/4 scale Iron Man III figures.

nycc yes anime

And even more 1/12 scale Iron Man armors.  The 1/12 scale being much more affordable, but…not as cool as the 1/4 scale.

Moving right along, Mattel had a nice size set up going on.

nycc mattel

Showing off all the Batman 66 figures.  The second wave, featuring Catwoman, hitting the stores now.

nycc mattel

Can someone explain this to me?  I know it was back in the 60’s, but were the bathing trunks on top of Joker’s suit (Batman, too) supposed to be funny? Or kitsch?  What?


nycc mattel

Mattel was also showing off their new line of DC 4 inch figures.  I was pretty “meh” bout them when I saw the production shots.  But, I gotta tell you, besides the main heroes (Superman, mostly), the figures look pretty cool.  Take a look at Bizarro and Mr. Freeze.

nycc mattel

Mattel was showcasing their new line of movie figures.  Surprisingly, these weren’t bad at all.  My beef?  They’re only 4 inch figures.  I’m tired of the little figures!  Why can’t they make them 6 inch?  Is there some sort of licensing issue?

nycc mattel

They also showed off their Doomsday from the now deceased Mattycollector club.  I believe this figure is still being released next year, though.  Everyone (the internets) were complaining about this figure.  I don’t know.  I think it’s much better than the Doomsday Unleashed figure Mattycollector was showing off during subscription time.

nycc mattel

And finally, the Rock has come back we have Medicom’s new releases to their Real Action Hero line.  I’m pretty “meh” bout these, too.  My heart belongs (and always will) to Hot Toys.  Whatever they do over there, they’ve got the magic touch.  Sideshow Collectibles, Medicom, to me, they just can’t compete with the magic elves Hot Toys must have under their control employ.

nycc medicom

That being said…that Dark Knight figure is pretty damn cool.  The Superman isn’t too bad either, his head sculpt is off, though.  Here’s the thing, I believe they’re retailing for $169.99.  At 9 inches, I’d rather just save my bucks for a Hot Toys product.

Sorry guys.

And that is it.  No more NYCC from me.  But, if you really wanna see more, then check out my show on NYCC 2013.  It’s been called the cat’s pajamas!

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