UPDATE on DREW FORD: Comic Book Writer Extraordinaire

UPDATE Dec. 12: I admire Drew Ford a great deal! He continues to spread the word about his Cosmic Waves project with a brand new crowd funding campaign. Please check […]

UPDATE Dec. 12:

I admire Drew Ford a great deal! He continues to spread the word about his Cosmic Waves project with a brand new crowd funding campaign.

Please check out his site and, for this holiday season, help a comic book writer out!

Click here and also enjoy a “rebroadcast” of his interview below.


Drew Ford is one of those comic book writers that keeps going! He doesn’t stop! Right now his comic book The Unseen is available for fans of the paranormal! We caught up with Drew and asked him about The Unseen. He also shared with us his new project he is raising money from with FundAnything called Cosmic Waves (click on the links).

QUESTION: How is Unseen doing? This is your latest comic right?

DREW FORD: The Unseen is coming along quite well!  We are hoping this story will resonate with anyone who loves creepy supernatural thrillers and/or police procedurals, as it will be a hybrid of both sub-genres.

QUESTION: You seem to write more character driven stories, whereas the comic industry push for a plot driven storyline – which do you prefer to write?

DREW FORD: If I can’t get into a character, you will lose me as a reader no matter how wonderful the plot.  So yeah, when I’m telling a story, character is very important.

QUESTION: You’ve worked with DC and Caliber in the past, do you have anything new coming out?

DREW FORD: Aside from several creator-owned series I am currently working on, I have an original graphic novel, entitled Steam, coming out from Dark Horse next year.

QUESTION: Who are comics you enjoy reading?

DREW FORD: I really do enjoy crime stuff.  Anything with a mystery worth solving.  But overall I want to read anything that is well written.  For me, a good story is a good story, regardless of genre.  Just make sure you have interesting characters!

QUESTION: What is Cosmic Waves about?

DREW FORD:  I [was] the original publisher of the comic book anthology, Cosmic Waves, from the 90’s.  Cosmic Waves collected stories from the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and beyond!  This new incarnation of Cosmic Waves will continue to present all new stories of mystery and wonder, from a group of talented creators from all around the globe!

QUESTION: How can comic book fans find out more about your new project?

DREW FORD: I have a website (http://cargocollective.com/drewford/), and I regularly update my Facebook pages for all my projects.

QUESTIONS: Thanks so much, Drew!

DREW FORD: Thank you!

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