*Updated* This is the time of year when you just never know what may hit the shelves early! In this case, I was doing some Christmas Shopping at Walmart, when out the […]

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*Updated* This is the time of year when you just never know what may hit the shelves early! In this case, I was doing some Christmas Shopping at Walmart, when out the corner of my eye I spotted this “Gift From God”! The Brand Spankin’ New LEGO DC SUPER HEROES SET – BATMAN MAN-BAT ATTACK! Of course I immediately forgot about 5 things that  were “mandatory” purchases via my wife! Personally, I wasn’t expecting to see any of the 4 new sets until January 2014! Obviously this piece of LEGO artwork found it’s way into my cart.

That being said, I will review this killer set and break it down so you know what to expect! Like always, allow me to get the basics out of the way and then we will begin to explore the latest from this amazing line! Apologies up front for some of the pics. The camera on my phone must be taking a dump.


LEGO SERIES: DC COMICS SUPER HEROES (Take notice that “Universe” was replaced by “Comics”)







PRICE: $19.97 (Walmart)


Now that we have the general info out of the way, let us begin! Looking at the  picture above you can see that we get 2 bags, a manual, sticker swatch and a comic book. I do want to touch on one observation I commented on above and that is the fact that this line is now known now as “DC COMICS” and no longer “DC UNIVERSE”. Very cool for you DC Comics NEW 52 fans out there! Right off the Bat (Get what I did there?), NIGHTWING is no longer in his “Modern Age” Blue and Black costume. Nope, we get the updated Red and Black former Robin! Coming up next, I am going to tear open Bag #1, but before I do so, keep the above in mind since you will notice much more coming from The New 52 at the end of this review!


The above is what you will accomplish at the end of Bag #1. The base and body of the Bat-Copter, a new updated MAN-BAT and BATMAN … HOLD UP! … This is where I must gripe a bit. WTF would they still use the same old “Tim Burton” black costume! Honestly, this is my only issue with this whole set.  I cannot stand when great companies recycle old figures! Not to mention, they just had to make Nightwing the last figure to be assembled!

Besides Batman’s newest aircraft being added to The LEGO Batcave, Batman comes with 2 Batarangs and Man-Bat comes with 2 bundles of dynamite. (I assume that he hangs out with Bane and Two-Face’s henchman since they seem to prefer this explosive as well) Curious thing is, how is he going to light the fuses with all the wind while flying? (Um, I am psycho-analyzing this a bit too much ….) On to Bag #2!!

IMAG3076_zpsmry223oe (1)

Once you finish with Bag #2, you will have accomplished a finished Bat-Copter, Batman, Man-Bat and most importantly NIGHTWING and his JET-PACK! Hot Damn! I will say this much, this Nightwing figure has officially become the prize of all my LEGO Super Heroes figures! Of course, I hope all of you saved all of your extra LEGO pieces! Why? Simple really, Nightwing is known for smacking the heads of bad guys in with his trademark “Eskrima Sticks”.


These two little fellas right here will allow your Nightwing to whoop some major LEGO arse as seen below!


The Batman figure is isn’t even worth getting into since it is a multiple repeat. Touching quickly on MAN-BAT, he has been given a face lift. He had muscles and a six-pack chiseled stomach in the previous version. Now, this guy is bring sexy back with an abundance of Chest Hair! He also splurged and bought some new jeans! He even had his hair lightened!

As for the finished BAT-COPTER, it features an opening canopy, two launching missiles, spinning rotary and tail blades and a grappling winch in the rear that goes up and down!



I just had to add one last pic of this guy! He is such an amazing figure! Plus, his jet-pack just adds to the arsenal in the Bat-Cave!

Now on to the crazy awesome sets coming our way soon!


You will find this picture at of the instruction manual. Set #76012 will introduce us to THE FLASH, a NEW 52 GRAY SUIT BATMAN and an updated RIDDLER! Set #76013 will feature a “Jack Nicholson” style JOKER with his steamroller, ROBIN (Who looks very much like DAMIAN WAYNE!) and what seems to be ANOTHER Burton Batman (BLAH)! Finally, Set #76010 will give anyone who has not yet bought the Arkham Asylum Set or any of the original LEGO BATMAN Sets, the opportunity to own THE PENGUIN! We will also get a new variation of BATMAN IN SCUBA GEAR!


The “Hotness” that is this above, you will find on the back page of the comic and it features all of the NEW figures coming our way! Loving all of these!

This review has come to an end and as always, Thank You ever so much for reading my article about this fantastic continuation of the LEGO DC COMICS SUPER HEROES SETS! I am currently drooling and chomping at the bit to get out there and hunt down the other three! When I find them, make sure to come to and check out my reviews and opinions for each one! Until then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! :-)



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