Toy Review: Thief Of Thieves Box Set (Diamond Select)

By now, just about everyone has heard of the TV show The Walking Dead. Some people even know that it’s based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman. Well Kirkman isn’t a one-trick pony. One of his other books is Thief Of Thieves.

Thief Of Thieves centers around master thief Redmond. He decides to quit just before attempting what would be his biggest heist yet. He then begins a new career of stealing from other thieves in an effort to make up for all his previous mistakes, but finds himself on the run from people on both sides of the law.

Well, Diamond Select has decided to give us a Minimates box set based on this comic. And I for one, couldn’t be happier.

IMG_6798 IMG_6802

The box set consists of 4 figures: Redmond, Special Agent Elizabeth Cohen, Augustus Paulson, and Celia.

He comes with a handgun, a suitcase that opens, and cell phone. There is no problem with him holding the accessories here. The suitcase is a pretty cool accessory. I love the way it opens to reveal a “treasure” inside.

IMG_6805 IMG_6806 IMG_6808 IMG_6809

Special Agent Elizabeth Cohen
She comes with a handgun and cell phone. She also comes with a bullhorn and an extra hand that holds her badge. You can also take off her jacket and use the extra arms she has.

IMG_6811 IMG_6815

Augustus Paulson
Augustus also comes with a gun and cell phone. One of the little details here that I love is the hoodie. The actual hood is attached to the jacket, but it does a great job giving the illusion of a complete hoodie.


Like the others, she also comes a handgun and cell phone. And like Agent Cohen, her jacket is removable to use with extra arms.

IMG_6818 IMG_6821

Once again, this box set comes with stands for all figures. I know I rave about this, but I have about 100 plus Minimates that desperately need stands. (Thank God Diamond Select does sells bags of stands.)

Bottom line, whether you’re a fan of the comic or just looking for civilian figures for your Minimates collection, you definitely want to pick up the Thief Of Thieves box set.

The Thief Of Thieve box set can be found at your local comic shop.

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