the jman sayeth: My Top 5 (ish) Things in January’s Previews

As another January settles upon us, like a python on it’s prey…coiling around our bodies, slowly squeezing the life out of us just before unlocking it’s jaws and consuming us […]

As another January settles upon us, like a python on it’s prey…coiling around our bodies, slowly squeezing the life out of us just before unlocking it’s jaws and consuming us whole…


Previews Cover Jan 2014

I think I’m suffering from that Seasonal Affective Disorder or something.  But, hey…before we sink any lower into my wintery miseries, how’s about we take a look at the book that brings a lil bit of sunshine into our lives, Previews!

Previews Jan 2014 black-canary-and-zatanna-bloodspell-hc

1)  Black Canary and Zatanna:  Blood Spell:  DC Comics.  I’ve always been a fan of these two fishnet wearing heroines.  I’m not sure what it is about them (probably the fishnets), but I’ve always enjoyed their supporting cast adventures.  Now that they’ve teamed up?   All the more reason to get the graphic novel.

Previews Jan 2014 Poison Ivy

2)  DC Comics Cover Girls Poison Ivy statue:  DC Collectibles.  I curse myself over and over and over again for not getting Sideshow Collectibles Poison Ivy statue.  Over and over again.  Of course it was something like 300 bucks, so I don’t curse myself that much.  Still, this statue looks like it could be a fair substitute.  All cheesecakey and such.


3)  Batman:  Arkham City Rabbit Hole Batman:  DC Collectibles.  C’mon!  How cool is this figure?  Yeayeayea.  Like any of us need another batman figure, but this one?  This one is soooo out there, you’re crazy for not picking him up!  So, might as well make room on your Batman shelf for this guy.

Previews Jan 2014 Jupiters Legacy

4)  Jupiter’s Legacy #5:  Image Comics.  I really don’t know how I came across this book.  Probably passing it week after week in my LCS.  Worse yet, I’m by no means a fan of Frank Quietly’s art (with all do respect, of course).  Still, somewhere along the line, I picked up issue one.  Then the following three issues.  And now?  I’m looking forward to #5…

previews jan 2014 zombie fairy tales

5) Zombie Fairy Tales:  Antarctic Press.  Yea, I agree. The zombie thing is really played out.  And I certainly know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Still, I’mma allow this one.  Especially with this Alice in Wonderland cover.  Whatever trouble Alice is in, it’s all right with me.  Hubba hubba.

Previews Jan 2014 Batscape

6)  Batscape shirt: Graphitti Designs.  Please.  Just like Batman action figures, I need another Batman shirt like a whole in the head.  Still, as I always say…a cool shirt is a cool shirt.  So, might as well make this my 117th Batman shirt.

Previews Jan 2014 Nerf_Zombie_Strike_Crossfire_MyLastDart_img

7)  Zombie Strike Nerf guns:  Nerf.  Yes.  All of them.  The whole line with do nicely, thank you very kindly.

And, last and most certainly least, the WTF Product of the Month:

Previews Jan 2014 et-12-inch-foam-figure-prop-replica-pre-order-6

12 in foam ET figure:  NECA.  Ok.  Which one of you(s) has been clamoring for this figure?  Someone has been, cause why else is NECA making it?!?!?  And more importantly…why?!?!?  Why have you been clamoring for it?!?!


I’m talking bout my personal holy grail here.  And it’s ridiculous, ridiculous price tag:




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