The Living Dead Dolls Limited Edition 16th Anniversary Banner

797Mezco Toyz proudly announces the latest of its collectible Living Dead Doll banners. The latest banner commemorates the 16th Anniversary of the Living Dead Dolls.

Each banner features a monolithic 16 busting forth from beneath a mantle of fire and brimstone. The breathtaking scene takes place beneath a full moon hanging high in an ominously cloudy sky. Peering out from within the 16 are many of the most beloved Living Dead Dolls…their unblinking eyes watching and waiting.

This limited edition banner (edition of 160) is printed on durable 10 oz. vinyl, measures approximately 18″ x 36″ and is only available at Mezco Direct.

Banners ship in late February and are perfect for signing if you meet Mez, Ed, or Damien at a show, or as year round decor!
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Besides the banner, the world’s longest continually running series of horror themed collectible dolls has more than a few festivities in store to celebrate their “Sweet 16”, including;

  • A Living Dead Doll Death Mask Art Show
  • 2 new Living Dead Doll books
  • A very special attempt to show you can take your collection with you
  • The best Sweet 16 party ever
  • Celebration merchandise

Many more thrills and surprises!

“It has never been a better time to be a Living Dead Doll fan” says Mezco’s Mike Drake, “this is the year we pull out all the stop and make a lot of dreams…and nightmares, come true!’

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