Toy Review: Comic Book / Big Screen Superstars (Kasual Friday)

There’s a new player in the world of mini figures, and their name is Kasual Friday.

Kasual Friday was started by guys who are huge fans of pop culture. They are currently working with properties such as Rocky, Army Of Darkness, The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Robocop.

The first two of the mini figures are the movie hero Robocop and comic legend The Phantom.

Each figure is about 3″ tall, and both have an extremely high level detail to them.

First looking at The Phantom. The paint job is incredible here, right down to the his striped shorts. I especially love the shading in the purple in his costume. It adds tone and depth to it. And the details in the ring and belt just jump out. An amazing sculpting job here. Lee Falk would truly be happy here.

IMG_7006 IMG_7008 IMG_7010 IMG_7013 IMG_7014 IMG_7015 IMG_7016

Next up is Robocop. Again the paint job is incredible here. The metal really does shine, and the black has a slight shine to it as well, but gives it that great contrast the character had in the films. And his trademark gun is sculpted to perfection.

IMG_7017 IMG_7019 IMG_7022 IMG_7025 IMG_7026

These will fit in great with any mini figure collection you already have going on, or just by themselves.

These are just a must for any fans of pop culture.

And be on the lookout for mini figures of Ash, Flash Gordon, Rocky, and Clubber Lang.

The Comic Book / Big Screen Superstars are starting to hit comic book stores and specialty retailers. You can also find then on Kasual Friday’s web site at

Many thanks to Kasual Friday for providing these for review.

Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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